My Babyvv Soft-Structure Baby Carrier: Preparing and Assembling the Body Piece

These instructions are made for use with the MyBabyvv Soft-Structure Baby Carrier pattern. Before taking these steps, the shoulder straps should be completed.

I am not responsible for the safety of your carriers.
This set of instructions is simply that; a set of instructions. I have done my absolute best to ensure that this set of instructions is very detailed and takes any and all safety issues into account, however, I cannot be held responsible for any products you create. There are many factors that could cause your carrier to be unsafe for use, such as choosing a poor quality thread, failing to double- or triple-stitch when indicated, choosing poor quality fabrics, or incorrect tension settings on your sewing machine. There are countless issues that could result in the carrier you create being unsafe. For this reason, I can, in no way, guarantee the strength or durability of the baby carriers you create using this pattern and am not responsible for any issues that arise from any carriers you create.

1. Sew darts into the body pieces
You will need to sew darts into all of your body pieces except for the layer of Warm and Natural. Lay the body piece of fabric flat with the wrong-side facing up. Place your pattern on top of the body piece of fabric, lining all edges up. Place a pin at the top of the triangle, and a pin at each of the two points where the triangle meets the horizontal line.

Keeping the pins in place, lift the pattern slightly and place another pin in at the base of each of the pins that were already placed. Remove the first three pins and the pattern piece.

Push the right pin out through the spot that the left pin is entering the fabric. Remove the left pin. Fold the fabric in half while on the pin, making sure the bottom edges of the fabric line up. Push the end of the pin through the fabric to secure.

The upper pin should simply serve as a marker, the highest point on the fold you will be sewing. Sew diagonally using the point where the lower pin enters the fabric as a guide. Continue until you reach the upper pin. Do not backstitch. Instead, pull your threads long, and tie them together twice. Do not trim.

Repeat on the right side of the body piece.

Repeat on all body pieces except for the Warm and Natural layer

Video: Sewing seat darts into the body piece

Slideshow: Sewing seat darts into the body piece

2. Prepare your female buckles
Disassemble a 1.5 inch single adjustable parachute buckle. Loop a six inch piece of 1.5 inch nylon webbing through the non-adjustable (female) side of the buckle. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the nylon together, going back and forth several time.

Slideshow: Preparing body piece buckles

3. Assemble the body piece of the carrier
You are now ready to assemble the body piece of the carrier. Begin by laying the decorative body piece flat, right-side facing up. If you are using a light-weight material for your decorative body piece, you will need to lay your extra heavy-weight body piece down first with the light-weight decorative body piece on top of it, right side up.

Using your pattern as a guide, place a buckle (with nylon sewn) on top of the decorative body piece. Be sure that if there is a non-smooth side of the buckle that the smooth side is facing down. Approximately 1 inch to 1.5 inches of the nylon should extend past the edge of the body piece. Repeat for the buckle on the opposite side.

Again, using your pattern as a guide, lay your straps on top of the decorative body piece. Make sure the “prettier” side of the strap is facing down. There should be at least 3 inches to 4 inches of the strap extending past the edge of the decorative body piece.

Being very careful not to bump the placement of the buckles or straps, lay your inner body piece on top of the buckles and straps. Do your best to line it up with the decorative body piece without moving the buckles or straps.

If you are using a silk or minky inner body piece, you will need to lay your extra body piece on top of it, lining it up just as you had lined up the inner body piece.

Lay your warm and natural body piece on top.

You may want to place a temporary pin through the strap and buckle portions to keep them from shifting while you pin.

Very carefully, begin lining up the edges and pinning. Pin all the way around, leaving the bottom edge of the body piece open.

Video: Assembling the body piece

Slideshow: Assembling the body piece

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