My Daughter’s Purple Room Renovation

A few years ago, I bought a brand new house for myself and my daughter. I really liked the house but the walls were really bland. I decided that I would paint my daughter’s room purple. I had never painted before so this was going to be a very challenging project. I also wanted to paint some hearts and other designs on her wall.

First Step

The first step to beginning a painting project is to buy the proper rolling pins, brushes, pans, tape and other vital tools needed. Check a nearby hardware store for what you need. I chose not to go to the big discount store. I wanted to support one of the small businesses so I went to a small store near my house. I made the right choice in going to this store. One of the proprietors took the time to talk to me about the colors and then mixed the color that I chose for me.

Second Step

After purchasing the right color for the wall, move the furniture away from the walls and cover them with old sheets. Then, use the painting tape to cover the base boards. You might also want to put down old throw cloths, old sheets or plastic on the floor near the walls to catch any dripping paint. In addition, make sure that the room is well ventilated before beginning to paint. Without proper ventilation, the paint smell can be quite overwhelming.

The Third Step

The third step to painting the room is to prep the walls. This is a brand new house, so I did not have much to do; however, if this were a very old house I would have had to scrape off excess or peeling paint. After prepping the walls, then it is time to paint the walls. Start with a small spot somewhere that is not too noticeable to see if you really like the color. After painting a coat or two on the bare walls, leave the walls to dry before adding any extra designs.

Last Step

The last step is to remove the tape off of the base boards, remove the sheets off of the furniture and enjoy the make over. My daughter got her purple room and I realized that I could paint. A home repair job might seem challenging, but it is worth a try.

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