‘My Descent into Death’ By Howard Storm

“My Descent Into Death: A Second chance at Life,” was written by Howard Storm. Howard was a teacher and he went to Paris with some of his students and his wife one year. All was going well right up to the day before they were going to travel back to the United States.

The night before leaving, Howard and his wife were in their hotel room with a student. As he was speaking to this student, he suddenly had excruciating pain in his stomach and fell to the floor. Finding out afterwards, he was feeling the discomfort of something similar to when someone’s appendix bursts. Howard was taken to the hospital, which happened to be on the weekend. To his dismay, he found out that the weekends are the worst time to need an operation. This is because many doctors take off and do not return until Monday.

As he lay for hours in the hospital with no help, he knew that this was it for him. He was dying. Howard did not believe in life after death. He did not believe that there was a God, neither did he believe in heaven or hell. He never needed anyone to help him in life. He could do everything for himself. He was happy as a teacher and an artist.

As he lay in the hospital dying, he soon realized that what he had believed for years was wrong. He was slowly descending into hell without realizing it. This experience was so real to him like never before. He knew that this was not a dream but a reality. What Howard describes is exactly what the Bible tells us about hell.

As he was dying, he heard people calling his name and telling him to come out of his hospital room and follow them. He was hesitant at first, but then realized that maybe these people are going to bring him down to the operating room. Howard followed them and was walking into a fog and eventually into total darkness. He said that these people just wanted to torment him and fight with him. They cursed God and he heard obscenities that he never heard on earth.

Howard heard a voice saying “Pray to God.” He never prayed before neither did he believe in God. He could only remember certain songs and verses that he had learned when he was a child during Sunday school. As he repeated some of these words he noticed that these people started going further and further away from him because they could not stand the name of God. Howard finally realized that he was in hell and felt so all alone and helpless.

To make a long story short, Howard miraculously came back to life and survived his ordeal. He is now a Christian and has written this book to tell others about his experience. He wants to warn others that hell is a real place and he wants others to know about Jesus and what He did for us on the cross. He does not want anyone to experience what he went through. Howard was given a second chance at life and his desire is that everyone would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it is too late. Hell is a real place of torment and everlasting punishment.

I have only touched on the first couple of chapters of this book. This is a must read book because many people are in hell today because they have rejected Jesus as their Savior. It is a real place like the Bible describes. The sad thing is that so many think they are going to heaven. There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. It’s all about having a relationship with Him and believing that He died on the cross and rose again. He is about to come back to snatch His people from this earth to take us to heaven.

If you reject Jesus, hell will be your eternal home. I also suggest reading “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Weise. He also had an experience with hell and he was a Christian. God wanted him to warn people that there is a hell because even some Christians don’t believe that it exists. Both books are a must read.

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