My Favorite IPhone Apps – Some Must Have Apps for Your IPhone

The iPhone has an assortment of different apps you can download, but only a few of them you will probably even use. I know for a fact because I have an iPhone and most of the apps that were pre-installed I never use. However, there are a few apps that I could never go without which include, EasyTether, Music Player, 250 Solitaire, and Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of my essential apps for the simple reason it allows me to view my emails directly on my phone. Not only can I view my emails directly on my phone, but I can also respond to anything I receive, no matter where I am at the time. This feature comes in very handy, especially when I receive an email I need to respond to right away.

250 Solitaire

There comes a time and a place when you really need something to past the time and 250 Solitaire games will keep you entertained for hours. I especially enjoy this game because of the wide variety of games. Plus it is something I can do when I am waiting in the car to pick up the kids or at an appointment. A very good way to past the time that will keep you entertained.

Music Player

This is a must have app for any music lover. I, for one, love to listen to music no matter where I am, and Music Player allows me to listen to my favorite songs right off from my phone. It really is a life savior, especially if you forget your iPod at home. Music Player is usually pre-installed on your phone.


This is a must have app because it is allows you to hook your phone directly up to your computer and transfer files from one to the other. However, you do need to install a program on your computer. Easy Tether Download Link is another must have application. With you can hook your phone right up to your computer and have internet access. The best part, it does not use additional date. For example: I have unlimited data for my phone. This means I can browse the web directly on my phone as much as I like. By connecting through I am using my phones data plan. However, like EasyTether, you do need to install unto your computer. Download Link

The best part is all of these apps are free to use!!!

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