My Favorite Winter Hobby Without a Doubt is Knitting

Knitting is definitely my favorite winter hobby. I have other winter hobbies, but knitting is one of my favorite activities to indulge in during the cold winter months. It is a great hobby to have in the wintertime. I like to knit garment accessories with yarn.

Furthermore, I can take these projects with me anywhere in my knitting bag, or simply knit in the comfort of my own home. Some items I like to make are: scarves, shawls, hats, and other items that make me feel warm and cozy. I can wear these accessories to keep myself warm on cold days. Also, I can knit scarves for my friends and family members so they may keep warm during the winter months. I am planning on spending about three hours a day working on these activities in my spare time.

My family members do not know how to knit and thought that it was funny to see me knitting. Then, I informed them that I was knitting items to wear. When I finished the projects, they were surprised at how wonderful the items turned out.

When beginning any project, I need to pick out the type of yarn and colors to use in the project. I like all kinds of yarns, but there are some yarns that are not only used for various patterns, but also for specific purposes, like wool yarn. For example, yarns that are 100% wool are perfect for using in a variety of projects and patterns where the item is to be felted. Felting transforms the yarn into felted material. I have several skeins of wool yarn which I am planning to use in felting.

In addition, I like other versatile yarns that may be used for most types of projects, such as acrylic or polyester yarns. Acrylic yarns which are also known as polyester and novelty yarns are available in many textures and colors. Additionally, they are some of the least expensive types of yarn to buy and it is very easy to work with them. I have completed a beautiful shawl with acrylic yarn that is very warm and substitutes for a light jacket. Plus, I love the polyester faux fur or fake fur yarns. These look like real fur and feel just as wonderful.

Currently, I am working on a beautiful faux fur stole using eyelash yarn. It looks almost like mink fur. I can purchase many types of yarns at local department stores, specialty fabrics, and craft stores. First, I will check my stash of yarns before going to purchase additional skeins of yarns and use these items first. If I cannot find yarn from my private stash, I will go out to purchase additional yarns to use for my projects. I believe that knitting is the perfect wintertime hobby.

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