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I will be periodically posting some helpful hints (from my own brain or items found online) that will help with your golf game. I hope these thoughts will help you improve your game (as well as further enhance your enjoyment). I will write the actually nugget of advice in bold letters to separate the words from the rest of the article.

A Good Swing 8/24/11

When I was learning the game, I played with a good friend of mine who was on the High School Golf team. He would give me little chunks of knowledge to hold onto and, even when I was hitting divots farther than my ball, he kept the mood light and humorous. He was the first one to tell me that golf is just a game and not the end of the world after a bad shot.

Many times I go out and play with people who just want to hammer the ball every time they swing. I try to inform these individuals that they are not John Daly, and probably never will be. However, they keep trying. My High School buddy was watching me do this one day and said something to me that actually made sense.

“Don’t try and kill the ball like it is (name of my ex-girlfriend). Just do a smooth swing and let the club do the work.”

I vividly remember going out to the range the next day and trying it out. First I hit 20 balls as hard as I possibly could. I then hit the same number of balls with a nice, smooth swing and forgot about beating the (expletive) out of the ball. I have to tell you, my second round of balls went just as far as the first round with one exception…..they went straight.

I am not one of those individuals who enjoys a lesson where the instructor is telling you how to “clear the club face.” Sculling, duffing, hooking, slicing, these items individually do not really matter to me. What matters to me is the overall result. How did my ball fly? Try this next time you are out at the range.

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