My First and Last Spring Break

I had never gone on a trip for spring break in high school or college. It was just never on my radar. However, in grad school, my father had passed away and six months later I went through a very painful breakup. A good friend suggested a trip for spring break and I was all for it. My only request was that it wasn’t a place that a popular spring break destination. I just wanted to relax and have a little fun; I didn’t want the loud, drunken experience. We decided on Montego Bay, Jamaica. We were assured that Montego Bay was not a popular spring break location.

Fast forward to the airport, our gate was overrun with rowdy students who had already started partying. “Ok”, I thought, “there’s a layover, maybe they’re getting off in Florida.” No such luck. We arrive in Montego Bay at about 2:00p and it is pouring raining. The lobby was an open air lobby so there was no place to stay dry. I’m still looking at the bright side. The hotel informs us that check in is at 3:00p. I’m still looking at the bright side. Then I hear someone yell my name across the lobby! I’m completely confused, I don’t know anyone in Jamaica. Turns out it was my little cousin, who is five years younger than me and who is on what…spring break. Ugh.

We finally get to our room, the bellman opens the door. TWIN BEDS! To make matters worse, my travel companion had some “female issues”. By the time she handles her “female issues”, the toilet is clogged and the room attendant has no clue as to how to fix it. We request a room change…three hours later, we get a new room with what? A KING SIZED BED!!! My friend and I are close, but not that close. We spent the whole trip clinging to opposite sides of the bed. The hotel informed us it was the only room available because it was full of spring breakers!

To make matters worse, the food was terrible and expensive. That is the only trip I’ve ever been on that I’ve lost weight. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love Jamaica. I had a great time on the excursions. The hotel itself…not so much. I had the opportunity to visit Montego Bay several years later and found that the hotel had gone out of business…I wonder why???

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