My First Paranormal Experience: Call it What You Will

I have always believed in the Paranormal since I was a small child. I had really strange, unexplainable experience. My first memory of the paranormal was when I was just 3, I remember be woken many times throughout the night, every night with the feeling as if I were being watched. I would be literally petrified when the thought of having to go to the bathroom occurred. I always had to go, every single time I got woke up this way, it was inevitable.

I remember one night when I had to get up and force myself to go out of my room to run to the bathroom. It was a very long way to the bathroom and the entire time I was quickly walking towards it, I felt someone at my heals. I knew there was no one there, I couldn’t see anyone, it was just a feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you feel a wisp go by, or how it feels when your hair is standing straight on your entire body, along with the goosebumps. It’s the feeling of being stalked. I would almost run to the bathroom but by the time I got there and ran inside, and slammed the door, my heart would be racing right out of my chest. I would have to stop and catch my breath from the fear. The worst part is, by the time I caught my breath and managed to make it to the potty without going in my pants, I realized that I was not alone in there either. I hurried up and finished and ran to my mom and dad’s room and crawled up in the bed between them. I laid there holding a blanket to cover my eyes. I knew it following, I heard it coming; and as scared as I was, being a little too curious I had to look. I saw it enter and walk past the foot of the bed to the right and towards my father’s side of the bed. I watched it creep up to lean over my daddy. I couldn’t take it anymore and I covered my head snuggled up to my mom and laid there thinking oh please don’t let it kill my daddy. I was shaking and petrified, and couldn’t sleep, for hours I lay there with a picture of that thing plastered in mind. It was tall about 7 feet, was humanoid, but its head was very different. Its head was large and grey and he had very large insect like eyes. I don’t know what it was or how to even categorize the thing, and I wouldn’t outright say I saw a ghost or an Alien, it was a very odd paranormal experience.

I have questioned myself about this memory many times, replaying it over and over to try to fill in the blanks or remember something forgotten. It remains the same every time the image and memory is the same. I can’t tell you what happened, but I can tell you that it was very real and I don’t think I could have such a vivid memory of going to the bathroom if I hadn’t. In addition to that I remember waking up in my mom and dad’s bed the next morning. Still scared and surprised, but thankful that my dad was unharmed and unaware. I may have been young but this was an experience that will never leave me.

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