My Ford Heritage Edition F-150: A Story of Rugged Endurance

I was in high school when my dad gave me his truck. It was not a flashy, jacked up, or tricked out truck, but it never has been broken or had a problem. My newly acquired Ford Heritage Edition F-150 was my pride and joy. When I first got it I washed the outside and inside meticulously. I replaced the stock cd player with one I purchased at the local Best Buy so I would have the ability to play my iPod over the speakers. I was so happy. This truck would prove to be as reliable as any car my parents have ever owned. I drove it to school everyday making sure that I never backed into anyone or hit anyone. The F-150 was white, so dirt could be seen rather easily and especially pollen, so I made a conscious effort to clean it regularly. Many different tasks could be accomplished with this vehicle. Anything from taking my girlfriend to a movie to pulling my friend from a mud hole. It was the perfect middle ground for me. Neither to classy and clean nor to old and grimy, this truck accomplished everything a High School guy needed to to do.

My dad and I have put over 203,000 miles on the truck and it has never needed a major repair. Aside from oil changes, tire changes and rotations, and routine maintenance, my F-150 has had no problems at all. The inside is quiet, even while driving on loud and noisy roads such as the interstate. I went through times that I hoped it would break down so I could get a new vehicle, but now I look back and am happy I’ve had no problems. I hear horror stories of peoples vehicle’s electrical systems frying and what not. I am very glad this has never happened to me. I look forward to many more years of driving my Ford F-150 Heritage Edition truck.

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