My Ford Ranger: The Best Truck I Ever Owned

The best truck I ever owned was a beat up, rusted out, old teeny tiny 1992 Ford Ranger. It was blue and grey and the hood was just about corroded away, but that thing ran. That truck was a four speed, and it was a fast little thing. I just loved driving it, it was compact, and I could reach everything without even trying. That truck never broke down, I had it for three years and I had only one really expensive issue with it. The oxygen sensor went out and it sucked gas like crazy, but I get that fixed and no problems ever again.

When I owned my little Ranger, I was a Home Health Aid and I traveled a lot. I would drive at least 75 miles a day and I never had to worry about having car issues. That many hours on the road is hard on a body, and even harder on the mind. Endless hours and miles behind you all day long is tiring. Somehow I managed, whenever I would get too tired, I would find a nice place to park and eat my lunch. Along with some bags of sand in the back for weight, I had a cooler in the bed. It kept my things cold all day. That’s one of the other reasons I loved that truck so much, even though it was little, I could haul all kinds of stuff in it. The bed is big enough to carry a bed, couch or any other big item. It could handle just about anything I put it through and boy was I rough on that little truck.

The only thing I wouldn’t suggest when it comes to my little Ford Explorer is too much running around in bad weather. They just don’t handle snow and ice well. If you put some weight in the back like I did, it does help but it just isn’t the best vehicle to get around in, in the winter time. Otherwise drive till your heart’s content because this truck is like the little engine that could. It just goes and goes. Even with some rust all around the wheel wells, under the hood and undercarriage the thing still acted like the engine was brand new. Regular oil changes and tunes up are contributors to the life of the truck. I can’t tell you where that cute little blue truck is now, but what I will tell you is that I didn’t take it to the junkyard; I ended up trading it in for a car. Rust and all.

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