My Girlfriend is a Geek Volume Two by Rize Shinba and Pentabu –Review

In volume two of My Girlfriend is a Geek, Taiga’s girlfriend drags him ever deeper into the hive of scum and villainy that is fandom. (He also reveals slightly fan-geek traits himself when he refers to Yuiko’s friends as “Dark Jedi of the fujoshi world.”) He is very much the fish out of water, but he is slowly catching on to the sub-culture his girlfriend inhabits. (I am strongly reminded of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched or any other sit com where there is a Wacky character and a Straight-laced character.)

Yuiko installs a dating simulation game on his computer (specifically, a fantasy game for girls), drags him to a high school themed café, and and continues to call him “Sebastian.” (“Sebastian” is the stereotypical name for an English butler in Japan, much like Jeeves is in the US.) He is also greatly embarrassed when his friend Kouji discovers that he is writing fan fiction for his girlfriend. (Kouji is completely blasé about it, and even offers some helpful criticism. Kouji is obviously an awesome and understanding friend.)

Our Hero suffers through all of this and more, all in the name of romantic comedy. (It is a good thing that it does not seem like he minds very much, even though he tends to sputter and get embarrassed a lot when Yuiko teases him.) This volume also introduces Yuiko’s boss Naoto Kashiwabara. Naoto is a polished businessman who has managed to earn the nickname “Milan.” Yuiko does not appear to like him very much, but he seems to have an interest in her, (He is also vaguely rude to Taiga, which might mean he’s angling for a relationship with Yuiko. Of course, it’s impossible to tell because he never actually comes out and says anything about it, which is generally the case with this kind of obstacle-providing character.)

Volume two is cute, funny and entertaining though it tends to stick to the “wacky girlfriend serious boyfriend” formula a little too closely at times. I would have liked scenes where Yuiko is trying to explain everything Taiga is missing, but that is just me. Overall, I really enjoyed reading volume two of this series, and high recommend it.

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