My Life as a Sim Book 6: Part 1

The funeral of Victoria Andrews was beautiful. It is so sad that her life had to end so quickly. She was so beautiful and so young. Beau is undergoing investigation for her murder. It turns out she was starved to death and soaked in her own urine.

The EMS that helped with her body mentioned that she was locked in a room from the outside. Victoria had no way of surviving. She had no oxygen, because the room she was locked in had no windows. There was nothing in there for her but a bare floor that was soaked in urine and feces. What a horrible way for the girl to go.

During the small but lovely funeral, Beau’s lover Zelda, went into premature labor. The fetus was only 6 months along.

As the tomb stone was being placed upon Victoria”s grave, Zelda began screaming. She was in so much pain she stepped into a thorny rose bush cutting her leg to pieces. She went home instead of going to the doctor to put her legs up hoping that the baby would not come so early. Since her water broke though it caused some problems with her and the baby.

Zelda died of complications with the delivery and the baby boy was rushed to ER as soon as Beau was able to call 911.

Beau said that when Zelda died she dropped the baby and it hurt him so bad that the Doctors are afraid there will be brain damage. Beau was really starting to love Zelda like he has never loved anyone else. His cheating tendencies were actually halted the moment he looked directly into her eyes as she told him she loved her.

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