My Memorable Christmas

Since I live in New York and my Dad’s side of the family live in California, we went there for one Christmas. I can’t remember the year, although I remember how much fun it was. I slept in my cuzes room in a sleeping bag on the floor. They had a trampoline which we sometimes jumped on. The neighbors had a pool that we also use to swim in. My older cuz. played a game which introduced me into a new game that I enjoyed when I got back home for a few days. We watched many movies while my Dad and I where there.

When Christmas day came I woke up and went to the living room where we all started to open presents, taking photos as well. Since we where in California my Dad could not bring many gifts along with him. Since I acted very good about not getting to many gifts that Christmas my Dad gave me an iPhone, which I really wanted and it just came out then. Although I liked that gift I did enjoy spending the time with my family. I used the iPhone to listen to music when my Dad and I were waiting in the airport. Sadly a few months later I got mad and threw the phone, which I did regret, but the damage is done.

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