My Most Memorable Holiday Sports Moment


It was the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1984 when I watched one of the greatest games in college football history. I was fourteen at the time. I had just finished eating Thanksgiving leftovers and started watching Miami versus Boston College. It was a battle with both teams scoring. As I watched the game, it seemed like the lead would change after every offensive possession. Miami would score late in the 4th quarter taking the lead and it appeared as if the game was over. I would then witness one of the most dramatic finishes that I had not seen before. The ending of the game would be one I had not expected. Boston College gets the ball with under a minute left in the game. Doug Flutie leads his team from around the 20 yard line to near mid-field. In the final seconds of the game, the last play would have me jumping around in my parents’ living room. Doug Flutie gets the ball and scrambles around to avoid the defense. As it looks like the defense is closing in, he throws a deep pass into the end zone. The ball soars high in the air. As it is descending into the end zone, it miraculously does not get tip by the crowd of players anxiously waiting to catch it or knock it down. The ball falls in the lap of the Boston College receiver in the back of the end zone. I jump up and screamed just like everyone at the stadium. Now I’m not a Boston College fan or Miami fan. I am a fan of sports. I love dramatic endings. This was a game I will never forget

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