Mrs. Mudope Loyce-my mother, is my world’s heroine. I would be history, if she was a kind of this women clique, making news, through abortion and dumping babies in water bodies, pit-latrines and rubbish pits. Yes; the reason you’re able to pass your eyes through this article, is because, she didn’t detach herself, from me.

Dad earns, less than two hundred dollars, a month. And upon, its arrival, there is a queue, of problems, requiring a financial solution, thus leaving him penniless in just a few days. To the best of my knowledge, none of today’s women would handle, pushing out, with such a broke, guy. So, when, I hear, there are not any divorcing plans, crossing my parents’ minds, am humbled. It’s for this reason, am terribly inclined, into believing, my mum, is the only, phenomenal woman, left, on the planet.

There is, this second hand suite worth, twenty five dollars, mum purchased for me-which left her, in debts. It’s the best, in the world, much as, it has, a middle button missing. The generosity, mum exhibited, at its acquisition, is limited in a few parents. In fact, I appreciated my mum even more, on realizing, Paul-a friend of mine whose mum is a medic, was being treated to just, three dollars per semester. To be sincere, mum though less fortunate, has been able, to clear all dues since elementary school. A handful, of our African mothers, can live up to that.

For sure; she’s done me good! Am moved, by how she patiently, contained it from the start of those nine months to date! She never left room for any of those street child’s days, to embrace me.Instead, she caressed, disciplined and groomed me. I owe her a lot. I love you; mummy.

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