My Must Have Items from the Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl’s

There is a good reason why people turn to Jennifer Lopez when it comes to fashion; her sense of style has been polished with the years. I know that some people may object saying that she makes any rag look good, and I’m not going to deny that but her new collection is fresh, youthful, and easy to wear. Her new collection strongly reflects her sense of style and I couldn’t resist to review and pick a piece or two from each of the categories in her collection for Kohls.

Jennifer Lopez collection for Kohl’s is fabulous. Her colors are suitable for the fall and winter in cold tones of gray, black, and tan to name a few.

The Shoes

My favorite pieces are the Jennifer lopes over-the-knee- boots, they are sexy and have that luxurious look, the reviews for purchases are great and the two colors available are tan and black. Personally, I would go with the tan, and the best part is that they are now on sale $89.99

The Jennifer Lopez peep-toe platform high heels create a luxurious feel with their metallic fabric and they make your legs look amazing, these shoes are my favorite piece of the entire collection because you can get so many uses out of them, you can wear them with dresses, skirts, and pants as well.

The Tops

I fell in love with the Jennifer Lopez charmeuse top which has abstract patterns that offer a sophisticated appeal. This item is on sale $33.00 dollars. Another favorite of mine is the faux-fair vest with its reversible design that switches between a faux-fair and a faux-suede construction.

The Bottoms

The Jennifer Lopez bootcut jeans are a classic style and the best part is that they are On sale $40.50 dollars .These jeans in medium blue style have a slight flair at the knee to create a proportioned look and give you the slim effect. There were a couple of reviews that confirm that the clothes run true to the sizes they advertise so you can go wrong with these jeans.

The Dresses

Jennifer Lopez Embellished faux- wrap dress on sale $45.00. If you are looking for the figure flattering look, this is it, this dress is elegant but simple and will fit your body like a glove. You can complement the look with any of Jennifer’s peep-toe shoes.

The Sweaters

Our favorite sweater is quite a classic with the faux-fur collar that creates that luxurious style with comfort. Open at the front in a soft pink color and on sale at $63.00. This is the coat that Jennifer wears in one of her picture campaigns for the company.

The Jewelry

Imagine yourself with a great tan and wearing the Jennifer Lopez silver tone cuff bracelet, trust me you would look fabulous. The bracelet is edgy and bold and I love the silver tone over the gold one. This bracelet will go great with a black dress or top. The bracelet’s price is $24.00

I love long earrings and I fell in love with the Jennifer Lopez Silver Tone simulated crystal linear drop earrings. They have blue and green simulated crystals. They are dainty with the right amount of color crystals.

The collection also offers accessories for the home, be sure to check them out. All the pictures shown here are source of Michael Kohl’s.

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