My Original Ford

It sits in the bay, my original Ford
Aged only five years, and just two more scored
Still turning heads, never ignored
Just like a kitten when the engine is roared
It’s the model baby, hard topped, two doored
This 289, the assembly bored

It’s still in its prime, classics don’t fade
This gift from my dad, another child he made
Never drive it alone, to me he forbade
Kept for the ages, never driven too fast
Couldn’t care less when others zipped past
Sad as it is, more than him it did last.

I keep it as was, to remember and hold
Onto times when as teens, we thought it was old
Bigger than most, black and less famed
Then it’s brethren galloper, like Sally, not tame
Proudly shows wears as the family ride
Pure to its core, a glimpse of days gone by

If you’re still in the dark of its name unfamiliar
I can tell you it’s nothing short of the stellar
It blazed as a cop car and the outlawed Rum Runner
Ended as Limited and began as Starliner
If seen as a show car, your heart it could steal
It’s frame even used for the Batmobile

I could give you 500 tries, or more
But can you XL? I’m still not sure
7-Litres of brew still may not assist
I’m just giving options from the catalogs list
Stare out to space, and gaze on the stars
This Milky Way Galaxie, this history, ours

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