My Personal Experience with an Energy Efficient Washing Machine

My old washing machine was on its last leg and that was on a slippery banana peel. I began researching different washers on the market. I had heard from a co-worker about the new HE washing machines.

The person I’ll call Judy* was excited about her new HE washer. She never got excited about appliances. Intrigued, I had to ask. She explained she only used a “teeny bit” of laundry soap, barely any bleach and the clothes were spun so well they were nearly dry when removed.

I asked about the price and had to sit down. As they were just breaking into the market, the machines ran about $800 and up. Yikes. I didn’t have that kind of money. Yet.

I began saving my money. At the same time, I ran the old machine on prayer.

Several months later, I saw an ad that had me running to Home Depot. The machines were on sale for around $500. I had that much.

I happily walked into the appliance department and selected the GE HE Energy Star rated front loading machine. It cost $550. I found out a few minutes later the store gave me a rebate for buying an Energy Star appliance. They also had free delivery, and picked up the old machine at no charge. I loved the $50 rebate- I used it to buy the new soap.

At first, the soap was expensive, but in only three months many different brands were available at affordable prices. I use two to three tablespoons of soap, softener and only 1/3 cup of bleach in a load.

It only uses a few gallons of water per load. This cut my water bill by almost $20 each month. My electric bill dropped by almost a quarter. I love my machine.

Since there is no center agitator, my clothes wear longer. It spins so well my clothes dry in 15-20 minutes instead of a half hour or more. This saves even more money on the electric bill.

I have been using my machine for over a year now. The front door is left open an inch or so to allow the inside to dry out between loads.

Cleaning the machine once a month with an HE washing machine cleaner, I have never had a dingy load.

This machine will pay itself back over its lifetime in water, soap, bleach, softener and electric costs.

These make great gifts. For those with children, most models have a door lock switch that keeps little hands from opening it during it’s operation.

*Name changed as the author did not have written permission to use the person’s name in an article.

Source: The author of this article has over 40 years of experience in diverse forms of DIY, home improvement and repair, crafting, designing, and building furniture, outdoor projects and more.

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