My Plans for Finding a Deal on a Tablet PC

The tablet PC is all the rage. Since the Apple iPad broke onto the scene in 2010, the tablet computer has become a go-to tech purchase for so many people. I have been using a 17-inch laptop that is much more so a desktop replacement than a true portable product. With WiFi that is free and accessible at many public places, including most Starbucks and McDonald’s, a tablet PC becomes a more important tech gadget that will support and enhance my life.

Looking at the marketplace for tablet PC’s

I have considered researching different tablets with a variety of operating systems, some which have limited support in the marketplace, such as BlackBerry Playbook and HP WebOS. However, these tablets are either not generating enough interest in the marketplace or are not of high quality. WebOS is now an open-source technology, meaning that the source code is available to anyone to use and alter for the products running WebOS. There are only two types of tablets I am considering at this point, an Apple Ipad or a tablet running an Android operating system. Based on my initial research, since Apple’s Iphone and Google’s Android are popular smartphone operating systems and ones I am used to using, those are the ones I am interested in acquiring.

Trying To Save the Money To Buy a Tablet

The cost of a tablet range from around $100 for a tablet powered by an Android operating system to over $700 and the cost of a data plan by buying an Apple iPad with an additional monthly data plan for a 3G compatible version. For a tablet ranging between $100-200, including a Kindle Fire, odds are I will save the money for this by rounding up some of the cash and using a credit card to make the purchase. If I were to buy a tablet with a data plan, I will have to save over time and be able to save money to sign a contract for a data plan, which can last for two years.

How I Will Try To Decide What Product To Buy

Some of the ways I have started looking are reading reviews by professionals, reading tech blogs such as the Gadget News Headlines on Yahoo! News, reading user generated reviews on sites such as LinkedIn and CNET, along with testing tablets when friends and colleagues purchase them. I have always believed that the best way to test technology products are to try them for yourself. Many times, even with user recommendations, the best way to decide on technology products is to use them to judge your personal needs.

Tablets are making the Internet more portable and are becoming great tools to make our lives, both personal and professional, better. I want to make sure that my choice of a first tablet a suitable choice for my needs.

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