My Pregnancy To-Do List

Making to-do lists got us ahead at the office and gave us the neatest house in our subdivision, but it’s probably not how we came to expect our first baby. To take the unexpected out of the equation, I followed a pregnancy to-do list for the frivolous as well as practical things related to having a baby. I had a separate medical to-do list so I did not include my doctor visits on this list. It goes without saying your doctor or midwife’s medical suggestions and schedule for screenings should take first priority.

First month

During the first month I found out about my due date. I ditched my bad habits such as drinking caffeine and that glass of red wine at dinner. We announced the good news to family. I increased my intake of folic acid. I started a pregnancy journal.

Second month

I started doing Kegel exercises for my pelvic muscles during the second month. I also learned to cope with morning sickness by sipping on ginger tea with honey. I started practicing relaxation techniques.

Third month

By the third month, it was time to update my wardrobe and shop for a new bra. I also found bras that could be used for breastfeeding. I shared my pregnancy news with friends. I upped my intake of water. I started using natural oils and lotions to massage my belly and prevent stretch marks. I took a pregnancy exercise class.

Fourth month

I enjoyed my first prenatal massage during the fourth month. We started adjusting our budget and house to make room for baby. I signed up for childbirth classes. I added the ultrasound picture to my baby’s memory book.

Fifth month

This was the month to find out about our baby’s gender, although I decided to let it be a surprise. I registered for the baby shower. I talked to my employer about my pregnancy and made adjustments in my work schedule.

Sixth month

During the sixth month, I prepared the baby nursery. I started shopping for baby clothes. I gave into my craving to be a cleaning fanatic during my pregnancy, using natural cleaning supplies.

Seventh month

During the seventh month I worked with my midwife on my birth plan. My friend hired a doula during her seventh month of pregnancy. It was time to purchase a stroller, get tested for gestational diabetes, purchase a breast pump and see a lactation consultant for advice about breastfeeding.

Eighth month

During the eighth month I enjoyed a baby shower. I packed an overnight bag in case I needed to get to a hospital in a hurry. I bought a diaper bag and signed up for a cloth diaper delivery service. I purchased a high chair. I attended a childbirth class. My friend, who recently had a baby, said she created an email and phone tree for sharing the birth of her baby.

Ninth month

My to-do list the ninth month was fairly low key since I accomplished so much during the prior months. I practiced birthing positions. I finalized ideas for baby names. I picked out baby announcements and sent off my thank you notes from the shower. I bought a baby sling carrier. I organized the baby’s clothes.

I tried to perform tasks for months one, two and three sometimes during the first trimester in any order with the exception of dropping bad habits. I also mixed around the order for tasks during the second and third trimester, although some things fell naturally into order.

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