My Regular Fitness Routine or the Reality of It

Let’s be real, the majority of Americans on a fitness craze are just that, on a craze. We get excited at some point and then as work, families, obligations and basically life get in the way. We don’t prioritize exercise or fitness into our routine because it doesn’t yell at us, nor is it in our face, except when we look in the mirror.

My Definition of Fitness

When you hear the word “fitness” you might think: exercise, eat right and take care of body with sleep and other things that we cheat ourselves out of. My fitness routine is a lifetime commitment. My mother died at the young age of 58. My maternal grandmother died before I was born and my mother was about 18 years old at the time. Both were diabetic. My goal is to prevent adult onset diabetes.

Two Types of Fitness Routines

I have two types of fitness routines, one that is ideal and one that is reality. Ideally each week would consist of three sessions at my local gym. Preparing all of my meals with fresh foods. Walking or bicycling to wherever I was going. Eating no animal products. Drinking lots of pure water. No artificial sugar, candies or sweets that were not in the form of a fresh fruit.

Now that’s pretty good, especially when that is what most fitness gurus will tell you that we all should strive for. However when reality sets in, I only get to the gym once a week if I can make the thirty minute drive and fit it into my already busy schedule and that of my family’s schedule. I prepare most of my foods but often use can products as it is easier to get and lasts longer with its preservatives. Walking or bicycling isn’t a year-round option as I live in Florida which has deadly lightning storms, temperature humidity over a hundred and bugs the size of Manhattan – going up your nose and biting infectiously into your skin.

You No Eat Meat? I Make You Lamb.

No meat and no dairy isn’t too much of a problem as I gave that up when I became lactose intolerant and found out that my body generates too much cholesterol all on its own without the helpful boost from animal meat. Fish on the other hand is my problem, I love the stuff. Water isn’t a problem either; I drink more than my share of the recommended eight glasses a day. However, sugar, I need a support group for that one. That makes me 1 for 6, in consistency.

I would also add in that ideally a massage once a month would not be considered a luxury but therapeutic for my muscles, breathing and stress reduction. But that is another cost that most can’t afford on a regular basis, so that’s 1 for 7.

What I Do When Life Takes Over

Since my ideal fitness routine is so erratic, I think of each goal on a weekly basis instead of just giving up like so many of us do. If I get in one day at the gym and walk more during my day and when I park the car to the grocery store or walk up a flight of stairs, then I have done a little. I always bring a homemade lunch, which is easy because there’s no restaurant or food place nearby. If I don’t have anything to make fresh, I make foods that I freeze ahead of time to grab and go. If I absolutely need to, I don’t bring a prepackaged meal more than once a week.

My Addiction to Sugar

It doesn’t help that I work in an office that has snack jars and candy dishes at what seems every turn. I tend to get a craving for sweets mid-afternoon when my blood sugar is taking a nose dive and I’m on the home stretch of a day sitting at my desk. My solution? I need to set goals, if I have one little piece of candy I will want more, so I need to substitute the candy from fruit I bring from home.

My choices: A banana or cut and peeled apple slices or a nectarine – all natural sugar and satisfying. I still eat candy and still need to have a goal of not eating it whenever I see it. Setting goals usually help me and sharing my goals with someone like my husband helps keep me accountable. However, I guess I won’t be telling the seven-year-old that I took her tootsie roll.

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