My Top Korean Dramas

Korean dramas have always appealed to me. They make you want to keep watching until the end. Here is a list of my top three Korean dramas so far.

A Man’s Story

“A Man’s Story,” also known as “The Slingshot,” is my favorite Korean drama of all time. I watched the series through twice and was blown away each time. What I could never understand was why viewers allowed this great show to fall by the wayside. I found little satisfaction on the series wherever I looked and whenever I would research it, I was almost convinced it didn’t really exist. Anyway, what I liked about “A Man’s Story” wasn’t so much the storyline as it was the characters. Kim Shin and his fellow conspirators each had their own unique personalities. They were inspiring, moving, and entertaining to watch. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone interested in mystery, humor or drama.


Next on the list of my favorite Korean dramas is “Iris.” This series is an action-packed thriller with a little bit of romance to spice it up a bit. Usually, I don’t like when the two genres are put together, but the main story line impressed me enough to keep watching the show. I remember at the time when it was on, I was an active participant in the Ninjutsu Martial Arts. I would come home from class every Thursday night to tune into “Iris” on the KBS channel. As I sat there, I would imagine myself doing all the cool moves that characters like Kim Hyun-jun and his female sidekick did in the show. “Iris” is a good show for anyone looking to appease their appetite for action and suspense.

Boys Over Flowers

“Boys Over Flowers” is probably one of the most popular Korean dramas of our day. This heartfelt series tells the story of a young girl named Jan Di and her introduction into a rich kids’ school as she is bullied by the obnoxious leader of the F4 members. When she puts Jun Pyo in his place, a love triangle forms between them and another F4 member named Jihu. “Boys Over Flowers” has a much greater romantic appeal and splendor than the American Twilight series could ever hope to achieve.

Even though I haven’t tuned into Korean dramas for a while, I look forward to sharing my future list of top Korean dramas with you when I’ve got a new list down.

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