My Top Ten Movie Picks for 2011

Here is a list of ten movies from 2011 that I believe everyone will enjoy.

1: Thor – Thor is based off the classic marvel comic book of the same name. The movie shows the basic origin of Thor. The battle between Thor and his brother Loki is classic and will go down into movie history.

2: X-men: First Class – Even though this X-men movie was not accurate to the comic book it did present a great story and a plethora of special effects to blow the watchers mind. The bonding friendship of Magneto and Professor X was a long waited addition to this movie. The movie also introduced the viewers to a number of characters that are not well known. Some of the characters you will see are: Angel, Darwin, Havoc, Mystique, Riptide, Witch-hazel, Beast, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, and Banshee.

3: Just Go With It – This a romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler. Adam plays the role of a plastic surgeon that wears a fake wedding ring in order to sleep with women. He then finds a perfect match for him and has to come up with a fake family in order to be with her. There is a surprise ending to this movie, however, if you pay real close attention to the whole movie it most likely will not surprise you.

4: Little Fockers – The meet the parents cast returns for a third movie. Filled with the same hi-jinx as its previous two counterparts, this movie is a laugh out loud hit.

5: Green Hornet – After the loss of his father, Reit Reed joins with his fathers mechanic Kato to become superheros. Great fight scenes. Valuable lessons about trust and friendship through out the movie.

6: Green Lantern – Hal Jordan was a military pilot that was a real ace. He is chosen by a dying alien’s power ring to become part of the Green Lantern Corp. With the ring at hand anything he can imagine is at his finger tips. Huge special effects, humorous comedy, and mayhem is the recipe for this film.

7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2 – The last of the series this movies wraps things up so wonderfully that no questions can be asked. The cast has put their souls 100% into this film. You got to check it out.

8: Captain America: The First Avenger – This movie shows the origin of Captain America and his fight against the Nazis and Red Skull. Classic Battle between good and evil. It also begins the avenger saga.

9: Paul – This movie is about a couple of Sci-fi geeks finding an alien on the side of the road. The alien, Paul, is on the run from the government. You have to watch this movie to truly appreciate all the subtle comedy it provides.

10: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – The fourth Pirates movie in the series. Jack Sparrow and the crew are in search of the Fountain Of Youth. This movie introduces new character one of which is Black Beard.

That is my top ten picks for 2011. So go out and rent/buy/Netflix these movies today. Whatever you do just do not be like Jack Sparrow, and pirate them. It is against the law.

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