My Trip to Cancun, Mexico

Years ago we took a trip,
To Cancun resort – we got a tip.
A cheap vacation could be had,
We heard this and were very glad.

It fit our budget, don’t you know,
To escape the ice and snow.
We got up early and got the plane,
Many people felt the same.

We landed outside the resort,
It was hot I must report.
We got a taxi to the hotel,
It was lovely in colors pastel.

We unpacked and put on our suits,
My need for a tan was very acute.
I put the lotion all over me,
And then I walked down to the sea.

The sea was warm and very calm,
I saw no waves to give me alarm.
I swam and swam and swam some more,
Before heading back to shore.

We took some trips to other spots,
To Isle de Majorca was a lot.
We paid and flew but be aware,
We found not much to visit there.

Another trip we went to see,
Tuluum located by the sea.
The pyramids were beautiful on a hill,
I took a pic – I have it still.

If you want a vacation cheap,
Cancuun is a promise to keep.
Stay at a hotel right on the beach.
You’ll find it well within your reach.

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