My Valentine II

My dear love,

As time goes by

your love augments

and multiplies

with master strokes

you paint me one

a bit of you

a bit of mine.

My ardent love,

You keep me warm

through icy cold

and frigid nights

your fire burns

and special times

in special spaces

we count and pass.

My generous love,

your gifts I carry

with heavy weight

and burden light

Anticipation they fill me with

They’re full of hope

and packed with life.

My precious love,

my home’s your heart

and it is filled

with room and light

delicate candles

adorn your halls

passion and art

hang off your walls.

My lasting love,

just like good rum

your taste gets better

every passing month

our dreams project

of future warmth

but my present is never cold

so long I’m in your arms.

My one true love,

give me your hand

tell me your truths

rest on my lap

For pink are my days

with you by my side

Oh glory oh grace

for My Valentine.

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