My Very First Vacation Changed My Life

I remember it as if it was yesterday, my very first vacation. Financially low income, my family barely could feed us and to even think about vacationing would be out of the question. For being a hard working successful student, arrangements were made to send me to the land of opportunity, the United States of course. On pretext that I was visiting the land of the free for educational purposes, to tour one of the University of Choice, I believe the time was around Christmas. Once arrived in New York, I was stunned to hear that the purpose of this trip is for vacationing purposes and I should relax and have a good time and forget about what I was told before. This was the best day of my entire life and I couldn’t have been any more stunned.

Once arrived into the awakening city, I felt so strange because it was the most alive city I have ever laid eyes to. People were walking everywhere and at any giving time frame, people were just pouring up into the city. Lights were everywhere and to think that I was in a circus city would be sarcasm but indeed I was. Lots of gifts were bought; lots of smiling everywhere, these really blended in with the Christmas atmosphere and my spirit was uplifted to the highest level of happiness. And the service I received at the hotel, the restaurants I went to really made me feel like a prince and never in my life would I think that such camaraderie existed in a foreign land; the New Yorkers really made me feel at home and really help me in the process of getting to know the city and enjoy my very first vacation.

This vacation was very memorable to me for several reasons. One it was my first time in New York, a city I could only dream of and to have actually set my foot in it was an honor. Second, my parents have made a sacrifice to send me on this vacation to me was the ultimate sacrifice. And lastly, I get to know another culture beside my own and it was at that time I have embraced the American culture and wanted to be part of it. This Christmas vacation changed my life in a very mysterious way. I have to give a special thanks to my family whom work very hard to make it happen and to the people of New York whom I appreciate ever since then. Thank you very much!

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