My Wedding

My wedding:

On August 17, 2011, I had one of the most unique weddings a woman could possibly have. My fiancee (Robbie) at that time had just finished scrapping metal and he had some money. I wanted to go shopping for some things but, Robbie said he had a better idea.

I was curious to know what it was and so i asked. ” Well what exactly do you have in mind.” With a smile on his face and a step in his heart he said ” Today, I am going to marry your ass.”
I smiled. I did not think he was serious until he pulled into the parking lot of the Court House in Stanton. Robbie was really going to marry me.

We both got out of our white pick up truck and walked inside. Robbie and I waited in line and then requested a marriage license. I asked if we could get married the same day and the clerk smiled and said yes.

When we were giving our license, Robbie and i went to a lawyers office looking for one specific person who could marry us, but none of the magistrates were there that day. So, Robbie and I went around asking who else could marry us.

Come to find out the local sheriff by the name of Garland Lacey was licensed to perform marriages. We caught up with him in the Sheriff’s office and right then and there he performed the wedding.
I was wearing blue pajama pants and a white long sleeve shirt. My hair was a mess and I was in desperate need of a bath. We both said I do, but as I said those words, I looked into his eyes as I said it making a promise to him that I would make this work no matter what.

Then Garland Lacey pronounced us husband and wife as “Mr and Mrs. Robert Pocat Spencer. It was a sure fire country wedding if I have ever seen one. I was so surprised. Now I am married to my first love. I could not be happier and I am very happily married.

Every night that i lay in his arms I am thankful to know that I carry his name and we have a license to do whatever we may feel right as a married couple.

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