My Writing Dos and Donts

Some things I really hate that writers do, first thing is write a misleading title just to get clicks and views. Spend some quality time and write an interesting piece. If you need topic inspiration, turn on the TV, read a book, read a newspaper, search the Internet. If you write an article that does not coincide with the title, I will be leaving you a comment telling you exactly that. I also hate when other writers e-mail me about other money-making opportunities, if you were really making that kind of money you wouldn’t be writing content articles. Don’t say you love my work and would love feedback from me, when you have never commented on my work.

I believe that article comments should be honest without being insulting. Don’t be afraid he gave advice; I have gotten many tips from constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is okay, but article bashing is not. If you think the author’s point of view is too dark for you, don’t complain about it, just don’t read it. Apparently he or she is not the author when you. I don’t think you should comment on article you have not fully read. I don’t believe you should ask people to comment on your work, because you commented on theirs.

Write a song title that will draw you in an article equally as interesting. Write an article you yourself would want to read. If you want your article to be easily found, write strong keyword. Visualize yourself searching for your article. Think about the word you would use to search for this article, and those are your keywords.

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