Mystery/Adventure Novel, Anasazi Intrigue, Receives Great Book Alert Award

Stolen artifacts, a devastating flood, and mysterious events begin to unfold in Anasazi Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans Series.

Socrates Book Review gave the book the Socrates Great Book Alert Award! She wrote: “This is the first book I’ve read by Linda Weaver Clarke and I’m already hooked. The first pages grab you right in and grab at your heartstrings as you read about the destruction caused by the flood. When Julia and John fight for their lives, readers will be on the edge of their seats for this one.

“There’s also romance in the mix. John and Julia’s marriage is strong and they are quite supportive of each other. Even when they have their ups and downs, it’s not for long and they get right back into each other’s arms. It’s nice to see a relationship portrayed this way. Very realistic and believable! This series is a ‘must read’ for me. And…my Socrates Great Book Alert Award!” (Socrates Book Review)

Susan Ortlieb of Suko’s Notebook Reviews was impressed with the things she learned about the Anasazi Indians and artifact theft. She wrote: “Author Linda Weaver Clarke draws from her own experiences as well as from extensive research in her newest books, which are mystery novels with a central theme: archaeological theft. The author weaves in many fascinating tidbits about the Anasazi Indians and their dwellings, which make the book an interesting page-turner.”

“Mystery and suspense intertwined with fascinating facts about the Anasazi culture!” wrote Melanie Ski of Homesteading Review. “The thing I absolutely loved most about this book was the relationship dynamics between John and Julia. Their relationship with each other symbolized to me a model of what faithful Christian marriages can look like, even 20 years after the ‘newness’ wears off. I loved how Linda Weaver Clarke used descriptions in each chapter of the ebb and flow of John and Julia’s relationship, the physical love for each other, the respect, and the learning to bear one another’s burdens. I also loved how conflict was resolved between the two, showing that even in strong relationships there are problems. I so enjoyed the historical insight behind the Anasazi and the mystery that went along with it. Historical suspenseful fiction, the best of the best!! Add in a strong Christian family and you have a super fantastic story!”

Susan Ortlieb enjoyed the strong characters in this book: “To me what has been most outstanding about this series so far are the characters, especially Julia. She is a feminist in the best sense of the word. Julia is unafraid to go after what she wants; she is an equal partner in her marriage and has an adoring husband and three daughters, and an exciting job as a reporter. She’s admired by others who perceive her correctly (even by some of the thieves). I think this is important because, all too often, men seem to be the only ones admired in books and in life. Julia is admired not just for her beauty but for her intelligence and resourcefulness as well. Linda’s writing is lively and down-to-earth.” (Suko’s Notebook)

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