Nagisa and Silvia

The sound of laughter and clinking glasses was all Silvia could hear as she leaned back in her chair. Taking up her mug of beer the girl tilted it to her lips and drank down the golden liquid. Silvia’s eyes lit up with delight. She had heard the bar was famous for it’s beer and could see the rumors were true.

Silvia was a beautiful girl. She had bright, emerald green eyes. Long red hair that fell to the small of her back, small rounded shoulders and ample breasts. The girl was garbed in a pair of black boots, matching skirt and top and a large sword that was strapped to her back.

Silvia looked like a lot of other people in that bar. Each one carrying a large weapon of some sort, but the difference between her and the others was the fact that Silvia was a famous monster hunter.

Normally Silvia liked to drink alone, but her client wanted to meet at the bar to discuss her job.

Just as Silvia downed her beer she spotted a cute, black haired girl walk into the bar. The girl’s hair was short and fell to her cheek bones. She had dark brown eyes, small rounded shoulders and perky breasts. The girl also wore black boots and a matching skirt. She wore a white, sleeveless top with two sheaths sewn to the sides. Each sheath held a long dagger ready to be used.

“This must be her…” Silvia muttered, to herself. The girl hated dealing with new clients. Usually she had to explain to them that she was more then qualified to handle whatever monster they needed help with.

“Excuse me?” The girl said, walking up to Silvia. “You wouldn’t happen to be…?” She began.

“Yes. I’m Silvia.” Silvia said, getting to her feet and extended a hand to the girl. “You must be Nagisa, right?” She asked.

“That’s right!” Nagisa said, smiling brightly at the girl. “Thanks for meeting me. I’m sorry it’s on such short notice.”

“Not at all.” Silvia said, pointing towards and empty chair. “Please have a seat.”

“Thanks!” Nagisa said.

A waitress moved to the table. “Can I get you something?” She asked, looking down at Nagisa.

Nagisa shook her head. “No thanks. I’m fine.”

“And you?” The waitress said, turning to Silvia. “Refill?”

“Yeah. Thanks.” Silvia said, handing her mug over to the girl. “How about later I get a little of you too?” And with that Silvia lightly smacked the waitresses behind.

“Hey!” The waitress giggled as she left to get Silvia’s beer.

“Sorry about that.” Silvia said, turning to Nagisa. “I can’t resist a cute girl.”

“Oh!” Nagisa said, blushing a little. “Don’t worry about it. I’m… the same way!”

“Really…?” Silvia said, she couldn’t tell if Nagisa was lying or just being shy. “Anyways tell me about the job.”

“Right.” Nagisa said, nodding. The girl reached into her outfit and removed a small bag of gold coins. “I would like you to teach me how to fight monsters.” And with that she placed the bag on the table.

“Excuse me?” Silvia said, furrowing her eyebrows. “I’m not taking apprentices. I’m actually running a business here.”

“I know, but I heard you’d take on any job.” Nagisa said.

“You misunderstood.” Silvia sighed deeply. Getting to her feet. “You really wasted my time.” And with that she headed towards the bars counter.

“Wait!” Nagisa cried, grabbing Silvia by the hand. “I’m begging you! Please teach me!”

Silvia glared angrily down at Nagisa. “You do realize that I passed up a well paying job just to meet you, right? You know how pissed off I am!?” The girl asked, narrowing her eyes at Nagisa.

“I’m sorry, but…!” Nagisa said.

“You still want to argue with me!?” Silvia snapped. Silvia glanced up and spotted a pair of wooden stocks located on the furthest side of the room. The stocks were primarily used to punish patrons who couldn’t afford their bill. “Excuse me!” Silvia began, looking towards the owner of the bar. Grabbing the coins Nagisa had placed down she tossed them to the man. “Can I rent your stocks for a few moments?”

The man caught the coins in midair. Opening the bag he looked inside and then nodded. “It’s all yours!” He said.

“Thanks! “Silvia said, dragging Nagisa out of her chair.

“Hey!” The black haired, girl cried. “What are you doing!?”

“Teaching you a lesson.” And with that Silvia tossed Nagisa into the stocks. Nagisa tried to fight back, but Silvia was faster and much stronger. Soon Nagisa was completely helpless.

Nagisa’s arms were bound tightly over her head with rope and her feet were incased in a pair of wooden stocks. Bending down Silvia removed Nagisa’s boots, exposing her bare feet.

“This is for wasting my time!” The girl said, reaching down and raking her nails over Nagisa’s tender soles.

Nagisa burst into ticklish laughter and began thrashing wildly in her stocks. “ST-STOP IT!” She cried, but her words were drowned out by the other patrons as they continued their conversations.

Silvia raked her nails mercilessly over Nagisa’s tender soles. She moved her fingers up and down the middles of her left foot, between each of her toes and then back down the arches. After doing this several times Silvia began scratching both of her heels mercilessly.

“NO… STOP… STOP IT!” Nagisa cried, her chest heaved as the laughter spilled from her curled lips.

Nagisa closed her eyes tightly. The girl dug her nails into the palms of her hands, hoping the pain would lessen the tickling sensation some, but it was useless. The girl was too ticklish.

Silvia went to her knees and grabbed both Nagisa’s big toes with one hand. Pulling them back she used her other hand to slowly trace her fingers up and down the tender soles.

“I’M SORRY! STOP!” Nagisa cried, but Silvia refused to show any mercy.

Several moments slowly passed before Silvia let Nagisa’s toes go, but before the girl could relax the monster hunter had reached up and dug her nails into her underarms and began tickling the hollows.

Nagisa’s entire body started to shake and tears began streaming down her bright red cheeks. Several moments later her laughter was replaced with sobs. Silvia still didn’t stop tickling until several minutes later.

“Alright…” The monster hunter said, getting to her feet. “I think you’ve learnt your lesson.” And with that she began undoing all of Nagisa’s binds. When the girl was free she headed to the counter and grabbed her beer. After downing the drink she headed out of the bar, leaving Nagisa a quivering mess.

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