Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart

Carl Edwards has been more consistent! Many go with Edwards but Tony Stewart has the will! Carl Edwards is still the points leader!

Kyle Busch sits out

Kyle Busch sits out the race after shoving another racer out of his way and forcing him into the wall during the Nastruck race on Friday. Michael McDowell substitutes for Kyle Busch.

Tony took the lead on lap 119

Jeff Gordon struggled for the front. Jeff Gordon lost 5 spots on the last pit stop with 89 laps to go. Tony still maintains the lead.

Carl Edwards is in the 6th position. He makes it to 3rd place after taking care of his right front tire issue.

The fourth caution was made on the track when Joe Logano’s engine blew up. After the 4th caution Carl Edwards took the lead but didn’t maintain it long. With just 71 laps to go the caution put Carl Edwards in the lead. After only 2 laps and 69 laps to go, Tony again takes the lead.

Jeff Gordon had to make an early move to pit row for fresh tires but has a deficit to make up by pitting under the green.

Casey Cain took Carl Edward’s 2nd place with 34 laps to go.

Tony Stewart had to make a pit stop but did not get adjustments he wanted for his car! He did get 4 new tires. Cain coming down pit lane ahead of Tony but did not maintain the lead. Jeff Gordon in the lead with 26 laps to go, but, he low on gas and has not pitted yet in his cycle. Eight cars did not pit in this cycle. Tony Stewart is now in the 9th place due to his pit stop.

Good Strategy

With only 23 laps to go those who have not pitted yet need to stay on the track until they get another caution. If the eight cars pit now they will lose their position. Johnson is in 18th spot with just 21 laps to go.

Jeff Burton low on fuel is now in the lead. Tony Stewart is in the 7th place. Will Tony make it back into the lead when the other drivers have to make a late pit stop? Burton and Newman are trying to race for the lead knowing how much fuel they have to make it. Tony has a lot of lap traffic to deal with.

Burton and Newman raced each other pretty hard and will run each other out of fuel if they don’t make a pit stop. Newman and Mark Martin make a pit stop putting them behind and Tony Stewart back in the lead

Only four laps from the end. Carl Edwards had to make a pit stop due to low fuel. 170 of 331 laps Tony spent in position number one. Jeff Burton is the only racer who did not pit yet. Jeff Burton ran out of gas putting Tony in the lead again.

Winner, Tony Stewart, makes Victory lane talk

Tony Stewart is unstoppable. This is his fourth win in 2011. Carl Edwards is in 2nd place. Tony says! “That is the way it is supposed to be!” Fireworks and confetti in the background while Tony gets some water with shaky hands! The guys in the booth said to Tony! “You made up your mind you are going to win this championship!” Tony thanks all his sponsors for this win. His crew knew all the calls when to come in and when to make adjustments. Tony says they made all the right calls. Tony says that if the other drivers would not have made the late pit stop we would not be here.

Carl Edwards still the points leader

Carl Edwards congratulates Tony Stewart and says that the last restart is what put him ahead. Carl says that with the unknown of Phoenix you never know what could happen. They put down new asphalt, among other changes to the Phoenix race track which means some adjustments for the drivers.

Tony Stewart is the racer’s racer. Announcer says that Tony is the most talented of all the racers. Today we saw a great team effort!

Carl Edwards finishes 2nd and Casey Cain finishes 3rd


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