Nasser Entertainment’s ‘A Mile in His Shoes’ Released to DVD

Nasser Entertainment continued its DVD production of family-oriented film projects when “A Mile in His Shoes” was released on January 10, 2012.

This marked yet another faith-based story the acclaimed motion picture company has produced for DVD release. And Jack Nasser revealed to me via telephone that his company plans to continue this trend.

A Film About Hope

“A Mile in His Shoes,” a true story based on the book by the same title, revealed the story of autistic pitcher Mickey Tussler and the struggles he encountered throughout his life. Being told over and over what he “could not” do, Tussler set out to not only show the world what he “could” do, but to make amazing accomplishments along the way.

Actor’s First Film

Tussler was portrayed in the project by Luke Schroder, son of actor Rick Schroder. This was the first film of his career. Nasser was quite impressed with Schroder and his work, particularly in regard to the “energy” he brought to the project.

Also starring were Dean Cain and Canadian country star George Canyon.

Another Family-Friendly Film

The DVD release of “A Mile in His Shoes” followed closely on the heels of the October 11, 2011 release of previous Nasser production “Christmas Lodge,” starring Erin Karpluk and Michael Shanks (“Stargate SG-1″).

“Christmas Lodge” focused on the true meaning of Christmas and emphasized faith and family.

The story was revealed through the eyes of Mary, played by Karpluk, who traveled to an old lodge her family used to visit at Christmas, only to find it in disrepair. As scenes unfolded, she remet Jack (Shanks) and, unexpectedly, found true love. The two, along with her family, then worked together to restore the lodge.

“Christmas Lodge” also starred Canadian singer Victoria Banks as Karpluk’s sister.

Casting Challenges

Casting for the project proved challenging, and Nasser turned to his agent/manager friend Jim Cressman for help and advice. Cressman steered him toward Banks.

Casting Shanks was somewhat easier as Shanks volunteered to act in the project immediately after reading the script.

A New Beginning

Nasser and his brother began focusing on faith and family projects after they both decided to “get back to basics” with their filmmaking as well as their lives.

Filming To Be Continued

“A Mile in His Shoes” and “Christmas Lodge” were both filmed in Vancouver.

And “A Mile in His Shoes” premiered on the GMC (Gospel Music Channel) network in September, 2011.

At press time, another project, “The Woodcarver,” was tentatively set for an Easter, 2012 DVD release. The story was to serve as the second part in the WWJD series to the October 12, 2010 release of “WWJD What Would Jesus Do?” starring John Schneider.

Just as “WWJD What Would Jesus Do?” told the story of how one drifter could change a town, “The Woodcarver” was to tell how one young boy (played by Dakota Daulby) could change his parents’ broken lives and reunite them for life.

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