National Spending

I favor decreased spending for national defense because the national defense should be better able to optimize the use of their current resources. While defense is very important, one of the main issues in this country that is lacking is health care, because it does not have the necessary funding to make people feel safe. The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have a national health care plan with equal benefits available to all.

Defense protects, but at the same time threatens anything that is not on the same wavelength. Many of the battles have begun without a clear plan of how it would be paid for, not to mention when and how to withdraw. If there were stricter guidelines or plans in place for the duration of battles, many lives could be saved. Also, a lot of the spending would not be necessary, and could be appropriated to more imminent things.

There are many other issues troubling our society today that could make use of these funds, one of the major issues is health care. Health care could be enhanced to having more quality than quantity, promoting life standards in the process. Quality is more important because it enables one to maximize the potential results of situations. Quantity does not make much of a difference if the quality factor is not in place first; there is no reason to have many models of a system that is not at its maximum state of efficiency.

While national defense is important, there are other pressing issues that suffer in the meantime. Health care is more important, because it is one of these issues that ultimately determine the outcome of any other issue.

If national spending was decreased in this area, I am confident that the resources could be managed at an optimal standard, and there would be an increase in job growth and the health care benefits that are available to people.

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