Natural Alternative to Plastic Wrap?

People today are becoming more aware of products on the market that are toxic to our health and the environment. Plastic is on the list of products that has toxic chemicals you don’t want to come in contact with food. A developing and expanding company has made an eco friendly natural alternative to plastic wrap sold online and spreading to retail stores in some parts of the U.S. and other countries. This natural alternative to plastic wrap was developed by Abeego, an independent eco friendly retailer interacting with other eco conscious companies.

What is this eco friendly retailer, Abeego?

Abeego is a company that produces an eco friendly natural alternative to plastic packaging. They are an expanding independent retailer working to provide products with a positive impact in the world. Abeego’s eco friendly natural alternatives are sold in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia, U.S. and online.

What natural alternative ingredients does Abeego use?

Abeego’s paper packaging is made with hemp/cotton fabric, beeswax, and plant extracts. This eco friendly blend is fluid-resistant coated. The eco friendly paper packaging is crisp with Abeego written on it.

What types of plastic free packages are sold?

Three styles are available:

Abeego Wrap is suitable for packaging sandwiches, wraps, vegetables, and more Abeego Snack is great for vegetables, nuts, fruits, granola, and more Abeego Squares works best for fresh foods, left overs, cheese, produce, baked goods, and more

How do Abeego’s eco friendly paper packages store food?

Use a fold and roll technique with Abeego Wrap and Abeego Snack. Apply pressure with your hand to mold Abeego Snack wrap around stored food item. Wrap, shape, and bend each food item based on distinct storage needs.

Are the natural alternative packages reusable and if so what are the care instructions?

The natural alternative packages are reusable. Use soap and water to hand wash wraps. Do not wash in dishwasher, microwave, in direct heat, or in high temperatures. Gentle biodegradable soap is recommended for cleaning the wrapping products.

Abeego Wraps and Squares are $15 and Abeego Snack is $11. If you are looking for healthy natural alternative this might be a product to consider. For more information on the Abeego company and its products visit the website . You will also find the company phone number and other contact information at this web address.

Although, there are a growing number of businesses providing natural alternative services always do your research. Be sure you learn all necessary information on a company or service before considering a product. Check the facts whether not the service supplies a natural alternative.

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