Natural Hairstyles and Interracial Dating

The black woman and her bleak dating prospects have been hot topics in the media during recent years. There have been many articles published chronicling the black woman’s bleak dating prospects. Many of the articles suggest the black woman’s chance of dating happiness is to date a white man. However, are white men attracted to “true black women?” Additionally, if he is, is it for the right reasons?

Besides the obvious (skin color), the main physical difference in black women and white women is their hair. A black woman may choose to go the Caucasian route and straighten her hair or she may embrace who she is naturally and choose to wear her natural black hair. Natural hair styles are becoming more common place and slowly becoming the norm. Given the white man is used to running his fingers through silky straight hair, will he wish to touch and appreciate, “kinks and coarse curls (nap)?” Does the black woman wishing to wear her God given hair have a chance to marry a white man?

The black woman white man dating phenomenon is certainly becoming more commonplace. The sheer numbers of interracial couples are growing daily. However, are the numbers of white men rising because they are seeking black women solely to fulfill a fantasy? A quick review of search engine results show the most searched terms for black women are: “black girls”, and “interracial sex. ” Could it be black women with naturals fulfill the desire to bed a “true sister?”

I am friends with 2 interracial couples. My observation shows them in a true loving, and genuine relationship. My hope is other black women can avoid those without true intentions and find their prince charming, regardless if he is chocolate or vanilla..

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