NBA Lock Out

Am I the only one that is frustrated about the NBA lock out? The NBA season is supposed to be around the corner and there is still no end date to this craziness! Can you even imagine the world without the NBA? Because I sure can’t. I was so excited about the new season starting now that I’m in California and can attend all Lakers home games and they decide to pull this crap. I mean, I get that Kobe Bryant is doing fabulously overseas but come on, we can’t survive without him here! Kobe has so much downtime these days, he has been updating his Facebook profile like crazy. I really don’t get the point of the lock out. Football season got to start on time but basketball can’t? Whose decision was this anyways because I sure didn’t get to vote on it. Enough with my rant!

Here are 10 reasons why the NBA lock out needs to be over

10. There will no longer be sexy guys running across the television.
9. The drop out rate for black males will increase.
8. The show Basketball Wives would become Lock Out Wives.
7. Derrick Rose’s adiZero shoes would collect dust in the adidas warehouse.
6. Carmelo Anthony would have to move back to Denver.
5. Ron Artest would aggressively pursue a rap career.
4. Basketball players would stop asking “what recession?”
3. Guys would actually have to listen to their girlfriends and wouldn’t be able to use the ‘I’m watching the game’ excuse.
2. Lebron James would have to resort to buying a ring off of Ebay.
1. Groupies would stop going after basketball players and will start going after regular women’s husbands.

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