Negative Effects of Video Games on Children’s Academics and Social Life

Video games are the entertaining part of any child’s life. Entertainment time is essential for better growth of children and leisure activities can enhance their progress on academics, as well. If the children are using video games effectively and under supervision of their elders, they can get best out of it. On the other hand, misuse of these video games can deteriorate the functioning and performance of children in different areas. Although there are various advantages of these video games, yet their misuse or abuse can bring problems for children.

Shooting and killing others is a common feature of most of the video games. These games tend to induce the feelings of being hyper and aggressiveness in children. Children, who spend more than usual time in playing video games, become tuned to this state of arousal. When they turn to their real world, here also they need such kind of stimulation. This is the thing that can result into aggressiveness and serious fighting in real life. Situation can become even worse when children get used to the rewards of this type of aggressive behaviors. In video games, shooting and killing brings winning and success. Children adapt this thing in their real life, as well.

Over involvement in video games can affect a child’s studies badly. Empirical researches have shown that children spending most of their time in playing video games used to ignore their school work and get low grades eventually. You may have experienced that most of the video games available currently are good enough at producing high levels of excitement in children. This arousal condition can give birth to several health problems, such as, increased heart beat and hypertension are two examples. When children remain seated most of the time, they run the risk of gaining weight. There are some children who avoid their meals during their play hours and tend to lose their weight. Muscular and postural problems are other physical problems that children can get after spending days and nights in front of their screens.

Stress and feelings of incompetence are two things that children can develop during playing video games. If they are spending unnecessary time on video games, they may get problem of stress. Video games are usually stimulating and need continuous effort. This is the thing that produces the feelings of stress. If children remain unable to win their games, they develop the feelings of incompetence. Both conditions are negative for children. There are various things that parents can do to avoid these negative effects of video games on their children. Firstly, parents must check whether any game is suitable for their child’s age limit or not. Video games meant for older ages may suppress them mentally. Proper check on time is essential thing. You may allow your child to get himself involved in video games for just two hours a day and just stick to your rules. Care takers of the child are the one that can prevent him from negative effects of video games.

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