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Network Marketing tends to receive criticism in the marketplace. Even though Networking and Marketing by themselves are both positive, they seem to become negative when combined. Although any profession has its charlatans, Network Marketing is fast becoming mainstream in America.

Network Marketing, in fact, is the purest form of leadership in the marketplace today. Because it’s a volunteer organization, as no one has to follow anyone else due to his position, network marketing forces people to develop into true leaders. If a person isn’t willing to lead with his heart, serving others sacrificially, his group will vote with its feet, not following the poser until he changes.

Many posers enter into networking, but only true leaders remain in it. When a person studies his leadership results, noticing his community numbers are not increasing, he must either change or blame. Leaders change; posers blame. Change is tough, requiring an honest assessment of one’s heart, breaking through the many walls of protection built up throughout life. Blame is easy, passing the buck for one’s failures onto someone else in order to protect a fragile ego.

However, no matter how tough changing is, and notwithstanding how easy blaming is, real leaders choose to change period. Anytime a person sees hundreds, if not thousands of people in someone’s community, he knows that a leader is present somewhere. Indeed, the reason networking is the purest form of leadership is because a real leader builds multiple legs to huge numbers. For example, if an alleged leader has one huge group, how does he know he is the leader? Perhaps his upline is the true leader leading the group and the alleged leader is still posing?

The only way a person proves his leadership is by building multiple large number organizations. Multiple legs of thousands of people cannot be faked and six legs or more with thousands of people is a leadership mountain that few seem willing to climb. Indeed, a person can count on one hand the amount of people who have ever built a networking community to tens of thousands of people and had six legs or more with over a thousand people.

Networking then, is the purest form of leadership, what is your scoreboard communicating about your leadership ability. In this blog, I will be studying the top leaders in the profession, spotlighting their strengths and studying how each of us can improve based upon the leadership.

If one wants to learn about network marketing leadership, then this is the blog to read and share with one’s team. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

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