Never Give Up

is there anything more depressing

and more of a letdown

than the challenge of looking to life knowing the idea set by others of one has drowned out all manner of one’s own standing to the where abouts of their own being

so that what remains is pale and frail to all suggestions

a disaster waiting to happen

with their ego pretty demented they allow the devastation to resolve their inner character

so as to market themself as a cleaned off chalkboard

without so much as an identity as a shifting of waves in water

ever is it different

always is it struggling to find its voice

there are no more forms of assualt they can take which doesn’t damage the whole of their entire

a dire cycle remains in this vast mark

a constant building up that seems in a hurry to come down

where should the strength to compose something more come from

can one look pass all the crushing stress and carve out a will of pressure so significant it breathes new life in the hold most would assume a living demise

don’t be too curious to wonder too far off because as with anyone it dwells inside

one as any as all

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