New Method to Win DC Lottery

This method might have been missed by many for the simple reason that the trend is being played over extended period of time.

You are not going to be one of the people who would not make money with this new method.

DC lottery money is here to be made.

You are going to be one of the winners from today.

Please pay close attention.

Winning DC lottery Strategies

The trend started from the middle of this year. You don’t need to bother about the ones that played already. Let us expend the energy into capturing the new method and winning big.

District of Columbia lottery results played 889 to start the trend.

DC 3 played 889 on 6/21/2011. One day later 605 dropped on 6/22/2011. I will elaborate a bit later in this article on 605.

July did not produce any of the other winning numbers in the group. This is precisely why most people do not win. There is nothing wrong in playing Dc 3 winning numbers for upwards of two months.

The payout is about $500 for $1 straight win.

Yahoo Associate Content is here to give you the best.

District of Columbia winning numbers

The trend couldn’t wait to resume after none of the group played in July. They started right out of the gate for August on 8/1/2011 with 634.

The next DC number in the group that played was 880 on 8/12/2011. One day later 605 played on 8/13/2011.

The rests of the group are beginning to play more frequent. They are because 520 HIT on 8/17/2011. The tradition continued with 605 that played two days later on 8/19/2011. You would think that the group might decide to pause at this point.

The trend continued with 415 that played on 8/20/2011.

DC Lottery New Method

I stated earlier that I will elaborate more on the winning DC 3 number 605. This trend started with 889 followed by 605 one day later. It is important to note that 605 is not part of the trend. The winning DC 3 number 605 do, however, tend to follow the group.

In the first two occasions, it played one day after each of the group dropped. The third time it came back two days later. I cannot tell you that it will come back precisely like that of the third time.

The 5 winning DC pick 3 numbers that made up the group in the trend played. The 634 and 415 are yet to get their accompanying 605.

The 889 that started the trend played one month earlier to conclude a different trend.

Pay close attention please.

This means that the new method is coming back with 415 and 605. The 605 is coming back to complete its’ course. The 415 is going to repeat to conclude the trend. You can take those two numbers to the bank. The only thing you need prior to that is broad smile and patience.

You can win DC lottery more consistently by studying trends.

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