New Twists on Thanksgiving Dinner Food Favorites

Most of us all dearly love the traditional Thanksgiving dinner food favorites. Turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and pecan pie. Would you like to be daring this year? It is so easy. Here are some new twists on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner food favorites!

While the perfect Thanksgiving turkey can’t be beat, there may be some at your table who would like to jazz this meat up a little. Help them out by providing a melted Swiss cheese sauce. Everyone does not like gravy, but many do like Swiss cheese. If the melted part is too much of a hassle, just provide some slices of Swiss cheese at the table. This cheese goes so well with turkey, it will be a hit! You will wonder how you did without it.

Other twists on turkey include serving deep fried turkey, turkey kabobs or grilled turkey and Swiss sandwiches. Yes, deep fried turkey is delicious and if you have never tried it, you must. Make turkey kabobs with pieces of cooked turkey, cooked sweet potatoes and cubed Swiss cheese chunks. For kids who are not too fond of turkey, making some grilled turkey and Swiss cheese sandwiches and cutting them in rectangles will thrill them.

I love green bean casserole. We all have tried the original version. Want to make it more fun? Add a can of chopped ham to it or chunks of fresh cooked ham. Before you mix the casserole together, add the ham, then the onions on the top and bake like you usually do. This treat gives your Thanksgiving dinner guests a surprise. A tasty one. You will not find this unique casserole on just any table. It will get praise. It is worthy.

Pass the cranberry sauce. To some, that is. Some do not like plain cranberry sauce. It does not matter if you serve whole berry or jellied sauce, pour it into a bowl, smooth down, add a layer of whipped topping and sprinkle chopped pecans or walnuts on top. This makes a yummy dish that pleases kids and many non cranberry loving folks. This treat can be made in a flash. You may want to provide tradition cranberry sauce and this one. For variety. That is the spice of life.

Mashed potatoes are always very welcome at the Thanksgiving dinner table. If you are not planning on serving gravy, you may want to try this trick, to jazz up your meal. Make your mashed potatoes as usual, then add a half cup of shredded cheddar cheese and some crumbled bacon bits, along with a large tablespoon of fat free sour cream. Heat until cheese is melted, stir and serve. You can use fat free cheese and turkey bacon with this one, to cut down on calories and fat. This side dish is tasty and fun.

If your family serves homemade cornbread for Thanksgiving, add a can of creamed corn to the recipe. This is delicious and it makes cornbread moist and creative. Southern style. And so good!

When you get ready for dessert and the pumpkin or pecan pie comes out, be ready to add flair. Have butter pecan ice cream ready for the pecan pie, to top it off. Have french vanilla ice cream ready for the pumpkin pie. You can find both of these in fat free or low fat. They add the perfect topping to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal sweet tradition.

These are some new twists on Thanksgiving dinner food favorites. They are traditional and more. Easy, fabulous and fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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