New Year’s Eve Resolution Ideas

Another year is coming to a close while we prepare to welcome in the start of another. This time of the year is one of my favorites and it comes with making plans for what you hope the next year might bring. Most people make new years resolutions that they plan to follow to help them make the upcoming year a better one than the last. This has been a tradition in Western culture and all around the world for quite some time. However, what types of resolutions can you make? Here are some ideas for people struggling to decide what their new year’s resolution could be for this upcoming year.

Exercise can benefit every person even those who don’t struggle with their weight. It’s a healthy habit and can generally make a person not only feel better physically but also emotionally as well. Making a promise to work out for this upcoming year would be a great way to get healthy as well as a way to improve self esteem. If you don’t normally exercise, make this your resolution for this upcoming year and I promise that you won’t regret it.

If you tend to be a heavy drinker, as many people who come in contact with a lot of stress are, it could be a good resolution to promise yourself that this upcoming year, you won’t drink as much. Constant binge drinking has become a popular activity, especially for those in college as well as adults who are having stress related issues with their jobs and personal life. If you think you drink too much, make it your resolution to stop that behavior for the year ahead.

For all you smokers out there, there is never a good time to declare that you want to quit smoking cigarettes but what better time than the start of a new year? Smoking causes countless risks to your health and is a habit that is better broken. If you are a smoker, resolve that issue and vow not to smoke at the start of the New Year. It will benefit you in more ways than you know.

In our day and age, most people don’t have time to focus on anybody but themselves which can help lead us to more success. However, it is very fulfilling to help others. If you feel that you have been focusing all your time and energy on number one, make a choice to help others this New Year. This could be as simple as volunteering. If you’re concerned with animals, volunteer at an animal shelter and with our economy in a bind, there are many people out there who could really use a helping hand. Volunteer at a local shelter or any other place that you feel your help could be used. This can make people feel better about themselves and can also provide aid to people who really need it. This is a great resolution for all types of people for this New Year that is upon us.

For couples, a good resolution would be to vow to take time each week to spend together setting aside other worries. Spending more time together will bring the two of you closer and also strengthen your relationship. For couples who are constantly on the go, this is a great resolution that would help the two of you devote more time to your relationship.

Some people tend to be big spenders, sometimes on things they don’t really even need. A good resolution for people who buy more than they save would be to resolve not to do that in this year ahead. Make an effort to put money back that normally would be spent.

With work and other stressors, sometimes it becomes hard to focus on things that really matter the most. If you have found yourself not spending as much time with family and friends as you would like, resolve that issue and make it a note to spend more time with the people you care about most. This can help make bonds stronger and also show the people you care about that they are special to you and that you value them being in your life.

Not eating so healthy? Is fast food and quit meals the way you get through your days? Well how about making a conscious effort to eat healthier? This is can make you feel better both physically and emotionally.

If you’re tired of the same old thing day after day, decide to learn something new. This can be anything from learning how to play an instrument to learning how to hunt. If there is something that you have always wanted to learn, say a new language, vow to yourself that in the year ahead, you will learn to do something that you have always wanted to. This is a personal choice and will make you feel accomplished. This is a great resolution for anybody of any age!

You could also expand your education. Get that degree that you have always wanted or continue to add on to the one you already have. Learning more about something that you have dedicated your life to with only make you feel more accomplished and will also add to the success of your life.

I hope some of these ideas will help people decide what their New Year’s resolution might be. It is good to set goals for you and the best time to do that is at the start of a New Year. Have a safe and happy New Year and best of luck on fulfilling that resolution, whatever it might be.

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