New York Yankees Lose to Detroit Tigers in Game 5 of 2011 American League Division Series (ALDS)

Despite their $200M+ payroll, and a star-studded lineup which (with the exception of one game, was anything but “studded”), the New York Yankees fell to the Detroit Tigers 3-2 in game five of the American League Division Series (ALDS).

According to, last night …”New York went 2 for 9 with runners in scoring position and 0 for 4 with the bases loaded, and the Yankees stranded 11 runners.”

Actually, it is surprising the Yankees made it to game five. Alex Rodriguez, the Yanks “clean up” hitter, batting fourth, was 0-4 in the deciding game, and struck out three of those four times. Overall, he batted .118 (2-18) in the Series. points out that “Alex Rodriguez has been unable to come up big for the Yankees when he bats in the ninth inning of losses that eliminate the team from the postseason.”

He was unable to “come up big” the entire Series.

Rodriguez has a respectable .277 lifetime playoff batting average. However, the past two years, he batted .273 in the ALDS, but .190 in the AL Championship Series and .111 in this year’s ALDS.

First baseman Mark Teixeria, nicknamed “Tex,” batting fifth, was 3 for18, batting .167 with no runs batted in (RBI).

Teixeria post-season statistics include a lifetime .207 batting average, with three home runs and 13 RBI in 31 games with 121 at bats. Not good.

And, how about right fielder Nick Swisher? In the 2011 ALDS, he batted .211, with four hits in 19 at-bats, and one RBI. But, the .211 is much better than his overall post-season statistics. In 38 post-season games, Swisher has a .169 average, with six RBI. The man, so far in his post-season career, will never be known as “Mr. October.”

The offense failure of these “middle of the lineup” players, who are supposed to be run producers, was a big reason why the Yankees will watch the 2011 World Series from the comfort of their homes.

Finally, there is C.C. Sabathia. His post-season lifetime statistics include a respectable 7-4 won-loss record, with a 4.81 earned run average (ERA). This year, Sabathia appeared in three games, starting two. His ERA was 6.23.

Now, the Tigers face the Texas Rangers for the AL Championship.


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