Newest Hi-Tech Golf Craze: Twitter!

Golf has been all about Hi-Tech for many years. Low compression, soft feel, golf balls that explode off of a 460cc, high MOI, WMD with light weight, composite graphite shaft that produces more swing speed, a higher launch angle and less spin for extra carry and distance. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. The newest and hottest technology, by far, is Twitter and it doesn’t even cost a dime, no $499.99 price tag. Even the worst weekend hacker can chat up Hank Haney, Paul Azinger even Rory McIlroy on your home computer, IPad, or smart phone.

With the explosion of the social media phenomena the newest hi-tech advancement for golf freaks is Twitter. It seems that Twitter connects nearly everyone in the golf world. In fact Ian Poulter has over 1.22 million followers and Tiger Woods has over 1.35 million. That’s right I didn’t stutter, they have over 1 million followers, each. And you thought you were the only crazy golf nut out there.

Twitter offers anything from swing tip advice from Hank Haney to up to the minute news flashes from Tiger Woods. He announces everything via his website and twitter. You can get the same up to the second news that ESPN, the Golf Channel, or other sports news media receive about tournament scoring, updates or even Eldrick, himself. Follow the LPGA, PGA, Ladies and Mens European Tour, or Golf Channel announcers such as, Brandel Chamblee, Frank Nobilo, John Hawkins, and Rich Lerner for golf news and analysis. It’s inter-active, you can even chat them up, in 140 characters or less.

The Golf Channel even had four on-course reporters follow the final two groups at the Nationwide Tour Championship a couple of weeks ago. The on-course reporters tweeted from the fairway inside the ropes during the broadcast and their tweets were shown as an insert on the TV screen.

If you like to talk about golf 24/7/365 and are looking for others to chat with, Twitter is for you. There is always someone on twitter that will chat, argue, or discuss any golf topic that meets your fancy. Enhance your viewing pleasure by tweeting with other golf fanatics while watching golf on TV. Make fun of the announcers, share the joy of an amazing golf shot just pulled off by one of the professionals, or ruminate over the 13 shots that John Daly just took on a par 4.

If you decide to join golf’s newest hi-tech phenomenon, jump on Twitter, follow me, and give me a shout out @tolohgolfr. I’ll be there. I’m hooked.

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