News for the Xbox Console: Incoming Remote Control and Bluetooth Headset

Prior to the remote control and Bluetooth headset release, Microsoft decided to make a generous donation to a museum dedicated to the history of PC and video games. Obviously you can handle streaming content, such as Zune, Hulu, and Netflixh Plus, as long as you live in regions that allow to benefit from these services. The price applied to the U.S. market is $ 19.99, about $ 13.

The second accessory, more interesting, is a Bluetooth headset in-ear microphone. In addition to support for the Xbox 360 accessory for compatibility with mobile phones, smartphones and other devices. The new headset is presented directly from the Xbox Live programming director Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson. According to Microsoft on a single charge of the device will allow about 300 hours of standby time. The new headset will cost $ 59.99. Again the price refers to the United States and not necessarily be maintained for the European market.

The summer continues full of news for fans of the Xbox 360. After the announcement of these accessories and the recent debut of Kinect Avatar has found that Microsoft is making a big donation to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG), a museum dedicated to preserving the history of PCs and video games.

Among the many items donated by Microsoft, there are several prototypes of the Xbox 360 and Kinect, accessories, promotional items and awards that the company has received over the years for his work in the field. Among the finds dell’ICHEG you can see over 120 arcade games, from 1971 to the present, all consoles ever existed on Earth with a large number of computers and electronic games for children. Only the department relating to console game has more than 10,000 titles, but there are also numerous guides, solutions and books devoted to video games.

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