NFL Spread Picks – Week 16

Welcome to NFL Spread Picks – Week 16.
Week 15 results: (10-8-1). Overall: (90-75-5).

This is how I see week 16 playing out. Let’s roll!
Home teams in Bold.

Houston -6 vs. Indianapolis
Expect to see a bad-tempered Houston defense after last week’s letdown vs. Carolina. Take Houston -6 pts.

Kansas City -1.5 vs. Oakland
Kansas City will be emotionally spent after beating Green Bay last week. Take Oakland +1.5 pts. It’s been six weeks since Oakland played in a game where the point total went under 42. Take the over 42 pts.

Denver -3 vs. Buffalo
I believe T. Tebow gets back to his ‘modus operandi’ by winning this game on a last minute drive. Take Denver -3 pts. The score will be in the mid-twenties; take the over 42.5 pts.

Tennessee -8 vs. Jacksonville
D. Brown of the Colts ran for 160+ yards last week vs. Tennessee. This week Jones-Drew of Jacksonville may get 200+ yards. Take Jacksonville +8 pts.

Cincinnati -4.5 vs. Arizona
Only once collectively this past month have either of these two teams played in a game where the outcome was greater than 7 points. Take Arizona +4.5 pts.

New England -10 vs. Miami
The relief of beating T. Tebow last week weighs heavy on the Patriots who find a way to just skid past Miami. Take Miami +10 pts.

Baltimore -14 vs. Cleveland
Poor Cleveland steps right into a tempest this week in Baltimore. Take Baltimore -14 pts.

New York Jets -3 vs. New York Giants (Both teams play at home.)
Both of these teams are very inconsistent. I like the team that’s getting points. Take the New York Giants +3 pts.

Washington -6 vs. Minnesota
A. Peterson helps to keep the score close. Take Minnesota +6 pts. The Viking’s last three games have had a combined score in each game of over 60 pts. Take the over 44 pts.

Carolina -7 vs. Tampa Bay
The first time these teams met Carolina won by 19 pts. This week Cam Newton gets the Bucs at home. Take Carolina -7 pts. Last time they combined for 57 pts, so take the over 48 pts.

Pittsburgh -14.5 vs. Saint Louis
Big Ben is only half the quarterback with that high ankle sprain. Expect C. Batch to start. Take Saint Louis +14.5 pts.

Detroit -2.5 vs. San Diego
Both of these quarterbacks are red-hot, but only San Diego has a run game. Take San Diego +2.5 pts. Both teams should post 30+ pts. Take the over 49.5 pts.

San Francisco -2 vs. Seattle
Seattle is 5-2 in their last seven games. Their strength is running the ball. The 49ers pride themselves on run defense. Take San Francisco -2 pts.

Dallas -3 vs. Philadelphia
Philadelphia slaughtered the Cowboys by 27 pts. back on week 8, speed kills. Take Philadelphia +3 pts.

Green Bay -12 vs. Chicago
What the Packers did last week vs. the Chiefs was scandalous. Every bit as bad as the Black Sox scandal in baseball. Green Bay collectively threw that game and everybody knows it! Has the NFL been compromised? That’s a question Commissioner Godell should be asking himself after this folly. To help cover up how they threw last week’s game the Packers will punish the Bears. Take Green Bay -12 pts. Given the injuries to both teams take the under 45 pts. (When players fail to give 100% that’s when they’re most likely to get hurt.) Green Bay got what they deserved.

New Orleans -7 vs. Atlanta
The Saints beat the Falcons by 3 pts. in week 10, but it took overtime. Atlanta is 4-1 in their last 5 games and will try to run it down the Saint’s throat to limit D. Brees’ time on the field. Take Atlanta +7 pts.

Best picks for week 16. Week 15 results: (5-7-1). Overall best picks record: (65-47-3).
Houston -6 pts.
Arizona +4.5 pts.
Carolina -7 pts.
San Diego +2.5 pts.
San Francisco -2 pts.
Philadelphia +3 pts.
Green Bay -12 pts.
Atlanta +7 pts.
New York Giants +3 pts.
Oakland +1.5 pts.
Kansas City and Oakland to go over 42 pts.
Denver and Buffalo to go over 42.5 pts.
Washington and Minnesota to go over 44 pts.
Carolina and Tampa Bay to go over 48 pts.
Detroit and San Diego to go over 49.5 pts.
Green Bay and Chicago to go under 45 pts.

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