NFL Week 14 Predictions

Browns vs. Steelers: 27-13 Steelers

The Steelers are clearly the more dominant team in this matchup. Peyton Hillis and the Browns have one of the least productive offenses in the NFL, and the Steelers’ notorious defense won’t make it any easier on Thursday night.

Texans vs. Bengals: 28-23 Texans

Despite recent injuries, the Texans have been one of the hottest teams in football, winning their last six games. Andy Dalton and the Bengals have been surprisingly good this season, but aren’t on the same level as the Texans. Arian Foster has carried the Texans’ offense since he returned from an injury.

Vikings vs. Lions: 32-20 Lions

The Lions are coming off of an ugly loss against the Saints, but the Vikings are also coming off a loss to the Broncos. Suh won’t play, but the Lions should be able to contain the Vikings, especially with Adrian Peterson unlikely to play.

Saints vs. Titans: 35-21 Saints

Chris Johnson has turned it around in his past three games, but the Saints are overwhelmingly better than the Titans. Drew Brees and the Saints offense are averaging close to 33 points a game, which is second best in the NFL.

Eagles vs. Dolphins: 35-20 Eagles

Michael Vick will be back and playing for the Eagles on Sunday, and although they are eliminated from playoff contention, the Eagles will make a statement with a big win. With Vick, the Eagles’ offense will be too much for the Dolphins to handle. If Vick doesn’t play though, don’t be surprised if the red-hot Dolphins pull out the win.

Chiefs vs. Jets: 24-10 Jets

The Chiefs have been miserable with Tyler Palko at quarterback despite winning last week, but will not get lucky again when they play the Jets. The Jets’ defense is one of the best in the league, and as long as Sanchez and the Jets’ offense can put 14 points on the board, it should be good enough for the win.

Patriots vs. Redskins: 30-13 Patriots

The Patriots are Super-Bowl worthy this season, while the Redskins are worthy of a high draft pick, and a new quarterback. This one doesn’t need more explanation.

Falcons vs. Panthers: 28-20 Panthers

Cam Newton had a great performance last week, while the Falcons had an abysmal past week. The Panthers are playing at home, and if Cam Newton can have another spectacular game, the Panthers will pull of the upset.

Bucs vs. Jaguars: 20-13 Bucs

The Bucs missed Josh Freeman last week, and even though he has been subpar this season, he is much better than Josh Johnson. Blaine Gabbert has struggled immensely this season, and even though Maurice Jones-Drew has been great, the Jaguars offense can’t keep up with the rest of the league.

Colts vs. Ravens: 27-13 Ravens

Do you really think the 0-12 Colts will beat the highest ranked team in the AFC ? Thought so.

Bears vs. Broncos: 28-10 Broncos

Tim Tebow will advance to 7-1 as the starting quarterback of the Broncos, when they crush the Bears. The Bears are at a huge disadvantage, with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte both out with injuries.

Niners vs. Cardinals: 27-14 Niners

The Cardinals might have beaten the Cowboys in OT last week, but the 49’ers are coming off of a very impressive shutout win against the Rams. Alex Smith has been fantastic this season, and has been reborn under Jim Harbough.

Raiders vs. Packers: 35-24 Packers

The Giants gave the Packers a little scare last week, but this week the Packers should have no problem getting win number 13. The Raiders are coming off of an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins, and will likely be without Darren McFadden again. The quest to 16-0 will continue for the Packers.

Bills vs. Chargers: 28-10 Chargers

The Bills have been ice-cold since October, while the Chargers have seemed to get their groove back on. The Chargers aren’t officially eliminated from the playoffs yet, and you never know what could happen in the wild AFC West. I’m not saying they will win the division, but you never know if they continue to win games.

Giants vs. Cowboys: 28-24 Giants

Both teams are coming off close, heartbreaking losses, but must turn it around to take lead of the NFC East. The Giants trail the Cowboys by a game, but with two games left between the two teams, the Giants can jump back into first place. The Cowboys are notoriously bad in December, and nothing is better than a Tony Romo meltdown, twice to the Giants.

Rams vs. Seahawks: 24-10

Marshawn Lynch will taste the rainbow again, when the Seahawks face off against the Rams on Monday Night. The Rams will likely be starting their third string quarterback, with Bradford out with an injury, and AJ Feeley underperforming.

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