NFL Week Seven Results and My Picks

Redskins @ Panthers
The Panthers are ripe for winning another game, and the Redskins are ripe for plopping into the tank.
Panthers 37, Redskins, 15.
Actual Result: Panthers 33, Redskins 20. Can’t come too much closer than that, folks.

Rangers @ Cardinals
Crap, the middle of my sports page is missing, hold on. (Rangers 7-Cardinals 3)

Seahawks @ Browns
Pete Carrol will once again prove that he is a coaching genius for some college team out there.

Browns 22, Seahawks 14

Actual Result: Browns 6, Seahawks 3. My World Series prediction bled into this game through a hole in the cosmic part of cyberspace. Either way, Eerily close!

Atlanta @ Detroit
Was last week Detroit’s first real test? Or is this week their first real test?

Falcons 32, Lions 19

Actual Result: Falcons 23, Detroit 18. Is a comment really necessary?

Broncos @ Dolphins
Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow. And more Tim Tebow. The Broncos win a Chinese Fire Drill

Broncos 37, Dolphins 18

Actual Result: Broncos 18, Dolphins 15. Move the 18 over one spot and divide by two, and another spot on score and result.

Chargers @ Jets
Jets think they are back after “beatdown” of Dolphins. Tell that little guy in the stands with the Jet’s firefighter helmet to get off that other guy’s shoulders. It bugs.

Chargers 27, Jets 25

Actual Result: Jets 27, Chargers 21. Make the former the latter and the latter the former, and this is really starting to freak me out how great I am at this.
It was at this point that my copy cut out, but I had the Saints, Bears, and Packers games nailed. Dallas, Kansas City and Pittsburgh…not so nailed.

RESULT: By betting with my never lose forecast, if you had bet your paycheck for the week I can honestly say that you would be eating steak (top sirloin, or chuck) at least once this week. Happy Days!

Check in later this week for more chillingly accurate predictions for Week VIII in the NFL

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