Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus–What Happened to Those Disney Kids?

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus: what do they have in common? Former Disney stars, formerly in a relationship, now making headlines with their love interests. Jonas takes his girlfriend to Mexico. Miley admits to experimenting with sex.

These kids are all minors and mostly living living at home. Does being a celebrity make you immune to rules of growing up? Does it nullify parent rules? Does working in Hollywood mean make you mature faster? Are some of these relationships too much, too fast?

What about the parents? Shouldn’t they be putting the brakes on some of this over-the-top exposure? What does it take to parent a celebrity kid? The same thing it takes to parent any kid, only in extra measure. Let’s look at what these celebrity kid/celebrity parent combinations are doing right and wrong.

Kids need boundaries. Take Nick Jonas, for example. The Jonas family is noted for strong family ties, faith and homeschooling. From that and the Jonas Brothers on Disney, they’ve have swung a full circle. From purity rings and promises of abstinence from sex before marriage it’s playboys and romantic get-aways.

Recently Jonas Brother Nick, 18, took his 26-year-old girlfriend Delta Goodrem for a lovers’ weekend, sans chaperone and his chastity ring. From Jonas’s tweets, it sounds like he’s planning marriage. At 18? Whoa! That’s fast pretty young, even in religious families. If the Jonas family lived in a secluded community, it would be different. No religious community that I know of allows minor kids to take
older women on trysts.

Jonas dated another former Disney star Miley Cyrus when they were 14 and 15 respectively. 14 is too young to be in a relationship, especially with a fellow celebrity. That too-early relationship has launched both young stars into “too much, too fast.” 18 is too young for lovers’ weekends. Nick’s not even old enough to rent a hotel room alone. Why are mom and dad allowing this? What happened to curfews and house rules?

Miley Cyrus has been working overtime to shed her Hannah Montana image with drugs, sexy photo shoots, pole-dancing and wild life. It’s no surprise that she has been experimenting with her sexuality. What is bizarre is her comment that “every 18 year old does it.” That’s an excuse, a fallacy and a projection.

Dad Billy Ray Cyrus decries his daughter’s behavior, saying he’s worried about her. It’s a little late for that now. When she needed him to be dad, he was her manager. Now he wants to be dad and she’s moved on. Parents have to set boundaries early on and stick to them, even and especially with celebrity kids.

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