Nike Back to the Future Inspired Sneaker Sales to Help Those with Parkinson’s Disease

This week Nike made an announcement that they were releasing a limited edition sneaker that has roots in movie history. The proceeds of which were also being earmarked for charity. The announcement had many of the elements that typically catch my attention: skateboarding, movies and philanthropic causes. I couldn’t help but pay attention. Here’s some more of the story:

About the movie connection

At the risk of revealing just how old and geeky I am, I’ll confess that I remember when the first Back to the Future movie came out in 1985. I also remember the 1989 sequel, Back to the Future II, which Nike is hoping others recall as well. For those that were just a glimmer in their parent’s eyes in 1989, let me explain further. In the Back to the Future movies Marty McFly, who was played by actor Michael J. Fox, spends his days riding around on a futuristic skateboard and saving the world. In the sequel Marty zips off in his Delorean, which was very cool at the time I might add, to the year 2015. While in 2015, McFly purchases a pair of supped up Nike sneakers which lace themselves, light up and do other funky things. At the time, those skate sneakers existed only in the realm of movie lore. But no more, because Nike has made 1,500 pairs of the supped up sneakers reality in the name of raising funds for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

About Parkinson’s

It is estimated that annually 600,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. For those not familiar with Parkinson’s, it is a neurological disease that affects the motor skills and brain function of those afflicted with it. While working as a social worker in a skilled nursing home I had the opportunity to work with those suffering from the disease and their families. It is especially heartbreaking because it is one of those incurable diseases whose cause is not known. Currently the only option available to those that suffer from it is to treat the symptoms of the disease and hope for a cure.

About the skate sneakers

The sneakers are called the 2011 NIKE MAG and they are every bit as weird in appearance as they were in the Back to the Future II movie. The sneakers may slightly resemble high tops but that is where the normalcy ends. For starters the sneakers are rechargeable and feature an LED panel and electroluminescent strap that once activated allegedly glows for five hours without needing a charge. They are said to be visually an exact replica of the sneakers depicted in the film, which is sure to please movie buffs. I am not convinced that they will please skateboarders though in terms of performance. Nonetheless, the monies raised through the sale of the sneakers are going towards an admirable cause. Skateboarders, or movie buffs, that are interested in snapping up a pair will need to act quickly. The 1,500 pairs of sneakers will be auctioned off on eBay from September 8th until the 18th. Only 150 sneakers will be available each day and bidding is expected to be brisk due to the item’s collect-ability factor.

My children are skateboarders and I have a history of following the sport. In addition, I have worked in health care with people who suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

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